Electric Quilt, Canada Day, The 4th of July..

American and Canadian Moose With FireworksHappy July Everyone, Happy Canada Day for my fellow Canadians, and for those of you in the USA gearing up for Monday, July 4th, Have a wonderful weekend…

Today is a great day for me, I get to announce that Electric Quilt will be giving us their newest software, EQ Mini for a giveaway item during The Road Home Row Along. If you haven’t heard of it, that’s because it is brand new. I do think it has many of the same features as the older Quilt Design Wizard, but it’s still great software just the same. There are some obvious differences between EQ itself and EQ Mini, namely, you can’t draw your own blocks in the software, but the cool thing about EQ Mini is that you can actually share your quilt design creations in your Facebook account… It’s also downloadable, so now you won’t have shipping fees, and you can start playing right away. We don’t have that in Electric Quilt, so I’m a little bit jealous that it offers that ability and I can’t do that in my EQ7. 🙂

EQMiniOtherwise, the lucky winner is going to receive a wonderful piece of software, and perhaps when your ready you will upgrade to Electric Quilt itself.. For me, EQ is the only quilting software I’d ever consider working in, I simply love LOVE love it!!

Thank you Electric Quilt for your incredible generosity.

Next up, I’ve added some wonderful new patterns to my Craftsy shop yesterday.. Please go have a look, download the newest freebie and then let me know how you like them..

I have two free patterns for you today… well 3 if you count the pattern that has 2 looks in it.. 🙂

Click The Image To Download

These are only free via my blog, they are both available for purchase on Craftsy also, but they are free here at my blog this weekend only thru July 4th.

American and Canadian Moose With FireworksSee, 2 in 1 .. same Moose, different wording 🙂

but they are absolutely adorable like they are below:

on a dark background with a small border, they just look fabulous, at least I think so anyway.. I used a Navy Blue Background with a border that uses a striped like effect with a gradient use of blues in it.. it is also in a 15-inch size with the SVG cutting files and the machine embroidery designs.

My next free pattern is on Craftsy thru the weekend only.. in a fun Mug Rug Size..

USA Sams HatYou can also purchase this pattern with SVG cutting files,
and the applique pattern in 3 sizes.

Purchase at Craftsy / Payhip

and my last pattern is a matching Moose pattern for the above free pattern.

Patriotic MoosePurchase at Craftsy / Payhip

it is also in a 15-inch size with the SVG cutting files and the machine embroidery designs.

Artwork For today’s patterns are from Kristi W
Commercial License #GNB734A323

Free Patterns Are Now Expired

I’ll cya Monday with Sunbonnet Sue and Sam.. Happy Canada Day, Have A Great Weekend

and Happy 4th of July.

Events For July Include

Sunbonnet Sue and Sam – Japan’s Release
Sunbonnet Sue and Sam – Greece Release
My Domain Birthday

Summer Sensations

and don’t forget about

Simply Sign Me

Joan and I really hope you will join us!!

If your out rowing today, or this weekend, please please be safe. It’s a holiday weekend, and far more people will be on the road. I love you all, so I really want you to be safe and have a fun and happy weekend.


11 thoughts on “Electric Quilt, Canada Day, The 4th of July..

  1. Can’t help but love this Moose Mascot!! Thank you for including the Canadian option. Let those red maple leaves abound. 🙂

  2. Absolutely adorable. I can see a Canada Day moose in my future. OK, probably a lot sooner than next July 1. Thank you so much.

  3. Love the adorable moose! I have downloaded my copy and will be printing them out shortly! This cutie will be ready for sewing tomorrow….unless I get distracted by the beautiful weather outside 🙂 Thank you for offering your artistic ideas to the rest of us.

  4. Wonderful gifts for this holiday weekend! Thanks so much for sharing these. The little meeses are so cute, whichever country we call home.

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