EQ Lesson 4 – Scanned Fabrics In Electric Quilt

stbs-EQ FabLib L4

My brain has gone on vacation, not only has today been a day of brain mishaps, but I’ve been trying to figure out why the video wasn’t playing properly for this lesson today. It finally occurred to me it was due to the fact that I turn my sounds off in Window.. I really dislike (I try never to use the “h” word) sounds in Windows, and I made that video without any sound whatsoever… Soooo… I have to redo them, edit them and then upload them again. So my apologies, I will add the videos to this lesson as soon as they are remade.. sometime tomorrow after Quilt Qwazy Queens has started.

In the meantime, I had mentioned in the video about the various sites that have the same kind of lessons already, although mine is somewhat different, this is a topic that many others have touched on before also. So enjoy these other lessons and have a good laugh at my own stupidity in the meantime.

The text above will also be replaced so that this can go in the Tutorials section.

Links To Help You:

Fabric Bias (Hoffman Bali Prints .FAB file)
Adding Fabric to EQ7 – Kathy Wyle
How To: Scan Your Own Fabric into EQ7 – Sylvia’s Stitches
Importing Fabrics into EQ7 – Patchwork Times, she doesn’t advertise all her EQ tuts, but she has quite a few of them.
Photo Fun Blog Hop – Blog Hop For Working With Photos In EQ
Beaquilter – Many really great EQ Tutorials at Bea’s blog
Tutorial: How to import scanned fabric images into EQ7, a Graphic Guide
– Al Navas Learning To Quilt
Quilting Daily PInterest Board For Electric Quilt

Links From Electric Quilt

Using Scanned Fabrics – Electric Quilt on Quilting Arts (206) (Video at Youtube)
Downloading and importing fabric swatches from the Web into EQ7
Fabric importing – panels vs. prints
Fabric – why do I see repeating squares of fabric

Electric Quilt Videos at Youtube

My Scanning Software used in video – VueScan

I’ll cya with lesson 5 of this series in two weeks (March 31) which will also end this series on Working with Fabrics in EQ.


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