EQ Seasons – Week 6 My Week 5

Marian's PreviewWell, it’s finally time to wrap up this event, and move on to other things. It has been fun, creative, and overall, a great time. I’ve enjoyed every week of the rows offered by the featured bloggers. The Flickr group has been a blast seeing what ya’ll have done with the rows, and I will be looking forward to your finishes.

I do not have my quilt finished, I have my rows finished, but they are not even on the ends, and I have spent the weekend tearing them apart, coming up with ways to try and fix them.

I will post them as I re-finish them over the next week or so, as I want to show my rows off, I held off doing any showing off just for the surprise factor.. and come to find out, I blew it by resizing the blocks in EQ and then cutting them incorrectly, so that some of the rows come out at 57 inches, some are at 62 inches, while only 3 rows turned out at 60 inches.

I’m going to show you the layout of my quilt, and just call it a day.. I feel defeated at this point. I do have a solution tho, and know how I’m going to fix most of my rows, so as I finish, I will post them.. It’s a good experience for me, this is the first actual quilt I have made in nearly 18 years. It’s not that I need it to be perfect, I’m no perfectionist, but I do like my quilts to fit together well. I don’t like the waviness that is associated with trying to make it fit. A quilt doesn’t lay flat that way either and this is suppose to be a king-size quilt for our new bed.

stbs-Marian-EQSeasonsThe colors you see in this quilt are pretty close to the actual colors used in my rows, their are a few variances, but I’ve really tried to depict them as close as possible.

The Rows In My Quilt are from the Following Bloggers
Just Let Me Quilt
My Sunbonnet Sue
Patti’s Patchwork
The Quilting Queen
Quilt Art
Sew Hooked
My Winter Row 1
Country Junktion
My Fall Row
Creatin In The Sticks
Sew Incredibly Crazy

with Filler Rows From
Be A Quilter
Stof Genoeg

My choice of fabrics given to me by Northcott Fabrics were the following three fabrics.

The ivory is used throughout my entire quilt, almost every row features some of the ivory fabric.

The black turned out to be more difficult, this is a metallic print and quite heavy with the metallics, I have very little of it in my rows unfortunately. I wish now I’d chosen a “sky” print, as that’s the one type of print I needed a lot of in my quilt.

The various colored print is my backing fabric. I asked Patti at Northcott if I could purchase this print as they offer it in 108-inch wide and I couldn’t find it online to purchase at the time. She sent it to me as a gift. I totally love this fabric and am very excited to put it on the back of my quilt.

I am using the wool batting that Hobbs sent the bloggers who were making quilts, I am giving away the Hobbs Heirloom Premium Cotton Batt today to one lucky recipient. Remember, you can enter each one of these today on the various blogs that have the giveaway.

This is my first fixed row that I finished yesterday. I originally had the flag hearts to large, I had to redo the blocks to get them to the right size.

My version of Doris's Row

My version of Doris’s Row.

My version of Doris's Row Closeup

and this is a closeup of the row.

I know that the outside looks like a black fabric, but it is actually Navy Blue. I prefer the dark over a lighter color because I think it really enhances the blocks themselves and your eye isn’t going to a lighter blue fabric. I had originally planned a lighter blue, but with so much sky fabric I really didn’t want more light blues.

I am thinking I will still add to the side rows, it would be fun to have Reeze’s camper row underneath the beach row for instance, or under the Airplanes Nancy’s fence row, or possibly Marlene’s branch row. I like quilts to hang over, right now my quilt is sized at 92 x 109, but according to Generations Quilt Patterns, I could take a king all the way up to 120 x 112. I love a quilt to hang over the edge, so I tried doing this in EQ…


This would make it 108 x 108.

I love the idea of trying to fit in as many rows as possible, I could still take mine out and put 3 more bloggers, thus I think I’d have all the featured bloggers, plus I could do one of mine….  We’ll see, as it is I have all the rows done in the first quilt shown, so doing Reeze’s and Nancy’s would still need to be done.

Today I have these giveaways to offer you.

Hobbs Premium Cotton Batting
Please be sure you’ve read the guidelines here.
Starts October 06, 2015, Winner Drawn October 13, 2015

a Rafflecopter giveaway


KNKUSA – 1 Zing Air Cutting Machine
Please be sure you’ve read the guidelines here.
Starts October 06, 2015, Winner Drawn October 13, 2015

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Northcott Fabrics

Enter here, or any blog of your choice today,
You can only enter this giveaway once this week.
Starts October 06, 2015, Winner Drawn October 13, 2015

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Upload Your Blocks To EQ Seasons Flickr Group and You May Win a Craftsy Class Of Your Choice or a $10.00 gift certificate from Nancy’s Notions
Please be sure you’ve read the guidelines here.
Started September 01, 2015, Winner Drawn October 13, 2015

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The blogs today that are showing off are:

Sew Incredibly Crazy
Quiltshop Gal
Quilting Queen Online
Sew Hooked
Morning Glory
Just Let Me Quilt
Creatin In The Sticks
Kissed Quilts
Patchwork Breeze
and me

Please remember, I am in Italy, so not everyone will show up at the same time that I do.


11 thoughts on “EQ Seasons – Week 6 My Week 5

  1. Marian, this has been a pure pleasure working with you. I look forward to the next time. I can’t wait to see this all stitched up. It is a huge undertaking, but will be totally worth it. 🙂

    1. Thank You Amy, I feel the same way. I usually do QAYG, and plan to do this the same way, I will quilt one row with the bottom filler at a time… thus I will finish faster. I have no room at all to put a big quilt under a machine. I don’t mean the inside of the machine, I just don’t have the table room space around the machine.

  2. Marian, you’ve done a terrific job, both with the Seasons Row A Long, and your fantastic quilt! Thanks so much! I love your bed design; how you have incorporated all of these wonderful rows!

  3. This has been a pleasure to find all of the blogs that work with EQ. So much great information and the downloads to boot. Thank you Marian for all your guidance and the large and wonderful job you did pulling this together.

  4. Wow! What an undertaking. It will be wonderful when completed. I will be following along as you post your progress. And thank you for all the work you have done to make this Row Along a huge success.

  5. Your quilt will be amazing when it is finished. To have taken on running a blog hop AND making a king sized quilt was quite a big task! Don’t even feel defeated because you really did a wonderful job with everything. Thank you for all you did to keep us going and for getting those wonderful sponsors!

  6. Wow, Marian. After 18 years, you tend to do things big. But it is going to be so gorgeous. And I know you are going to get every thing worked out to get it finished. Please share it when you do.
    Thank you so much for a great Blog Hop. I am sorry that it has come to an end. There were so many cute rows made and every one has done a fantastic job. Thank you sooo much for all your hard work.

  7. Thank you for all your work in planning and presenting the Row-A-Long. I really like your quilt, and believe that you will have many years of use with it. It has been fun to see how the different design styles harmonize together.

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