EQ Seasons 2014 Row Along Gallery

EQ Seasons was the first theme for the row along I started in 2015. The idea of the row along came from the fact that I loved participating in bloghops across the web. This is a really great way to get to know other quilters and there style of quilting and learn a few things from them. The row along itself came from the idea from a project I started to actually participate in but never finished at the DOD Mystery Blogspot. I asked many bloggers who I knew also used Electric Quilt software. At that time, using the sofware was a requirement to participate. This is the only row along where the rows were 60-inches wide and using EQ was a requirement. We had several bloggers who created filler blocks to go between the rows. All of the rows were between 9 and or 12-inches high with a width of 60-inches. Most of the rows were horizontal, but quite a few could be turned into vertical quite easily. This is a look back at Seams To Be Sews First row along with the other bloggers who participated that year.

When I was going thru each of these pages, I was pretty surprised at how many downloads from this year are still available to download. Any downloads that were at Craftsy tho have not been fixed, and while you can feel free to write someone about there pattern, please offer to purchase it. You never know, they might send it to you free of charge, but I do recommend you offer to pay them if the pattern is not available online. I can not guarantee either that these downloads will be forever available freely or that pages won’t disappear.


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