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Once Upon A Story Row AlongAs the 5th year of the row along came about I wanted to change some things up with the theme. The theme this year is Once Upon A Story. The story is designers chose either a fairy tale or a nursery rhyme to create there rows from. Another change this year is size. When the row alongs started I wanted to stay within the original designs that Deanna had created with her quilts. They weren’t all one size of row like we’d had these last four years, but things happen and I chose not to go that route. Thus the rows have pretty much stayed at the 30-inch lengths all these years. With the 5th year, that has changed. We now have several sizes to work with.

A really huge 30-inch square. I wanted this size because if you wanted to place a medallion type square in your quilt you now have that ability or if you want it slightly smaller and there is room to do so, you can cut the size down to a size you’d prefer. There is also a smaller 9×18 row. Some of the designs have expanded this to two rows at a 18-inch square. There is still the 9-12 x 30 inch row also. This allows you room to add filler blocks, or quilting areas to your quilt that you wouldn’t have had otherwise and enhance your design area.

We have fewer designers participating this year, but these rows are absolutely amazing in there design and interpret the stories so well.

There are also three logos to go with this row along that you may see on the designers blogs. This will let you know they are participating in the row along if they chose to add them to there blogs. Note: Not all blog designs allow to add logos easily thus you may not always see them on a blog that is participating.

Our Logos for 2019

Order of the Gallery is Alphabetical by there Featured Dates

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