Fat Cat Patterns Added to BOTM for 2020…

Dog DaysI have been a fan of Sindy at FatCat Patterns for many years now. Each year I look forward to the new block of the month she will be offering. She’s changed how she does things now but a few dollars you can get a full quilt pattern. As you know I don’t advertise paid botm’s on my blog, but today by sheer accident I saw she had started a BOTM in her FB group.

Sindy first offered Dog Days back in 2013. At the time I was just barely back into quilting and was only just finding my way around to the different botms. When this quilt was first offered I managed to get my hands on only one block of the quilt and there are 29 blocks in the quilt of different dogs. Sindy no longer even offers this quilt as a purchased pattern, instead, she has separated out all the dogs and offers them as individual dog patterns. If you use EQ, you can find this same pattern on there site under the Boutique patterns on sale thru the end of April by using the coupon code, but you must own at least EQ7 or higher in order to purchase this pattern as it’s only available in a pj7 or pj8 file. When you buy the pattern you get both pj files. I purchased the pattern this morning from EQ and it installed both pj files into my desktop thus I know if you still have EQ7 installed it will install that version also. I decided to visit Sindy’s FB group to see what was happening there and I came to find out she is offering Dog Days with a pattern a week download. We’ve missed the first two patterns, but she’s uploaded pattern #3 this morning. I do not know if she’s going to offer all 29 patterns or if she is going to do the 20 you see in the picture of the quilt.

If you love dogs you won’t want to miss out on getting these free. You must be a member of her Facebook group which you can find here. If you’re not in her group already, be sure you answer the questions and have a profile picture on your FB account.

Of course, it’s possible you also downloaded this botm already back in 2013, but if your not a member of her Facebook group it’s still worth it to join it as she does Facebook member only patterns from time to time also.

I did add Dog Days to the Block of the Month 2020 page also.

I also noticed while on the FatCat Patterns website today that Sindy is also offering a small bundle of past free patterns to download. Feel free to go and check that out also.

6 thoughts on “Fat Cat Patterns Added to BOTM for 2020…

  1. Thanks for all you share, block designs, info on other site.
    Mariam, are you okay? Miss your postd

  2. Thanks for the update on Sindy’s freebies!! I followed her when she lived near my sister in Dallas, TX years ago. I even sent her a blank CD at one point, and she filled it with a bunch of her patterns that she gave away at that time. Really nice lady!! I still follow her but hadn’t been on her site since last month. Heading there now!!! 🙂

  3. For her FB group she has been giving multiple free patterns for the month since January. And now the dogs every week. And yes for the rest there is a 3$ initial fee, (for group members) but the patterns are all pretty and tempting. To find time to do them is the difficult thing.

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