Feeling Naked

Designer 1 Sewing Machine Foot Pedal

Have you ever felt naked? I don’t mean the kind of naked where you’ve just gotten out of the shower and are wrapping the towel around you… I mean.. something’s missing. I’m feeling desperate today, even lonely, sad, naked…

All because I’m waiting on a new sewing machine foot pedal for my Viking Designer 1. It’s the machine I sew on, piece and quilt my projects on. I have my Brother Ult machine, but I only use it for machine embroidery. I don’t like the way it sews and besides, I’ve always heard that if you start a project on one machine you should finish it or try to finish it on the same machine. I guess that’s based on the 1/4″ inch seam allowance quilters need to use.

It should be here in the next day or so, but it’s been almost two weeks now since I ordered it and each day that it doesn’t arrive I feel more and more naked. So, I leave you with that thought today. Keep a backup on hand. 🙂 Can you just imagine? Of course, I have extra light bulbs, I even have a second bobbin case, which I bought to use special threads in, I even buy what I call backup fabric, in case I don’t have enough, I buy a little extra to be sure I won’t run out should I goof up on cutting something out, and if I have leftovers, it’s always good for my favorite type of quilt which is scrap quilts, or even for applique parts.

One would think I’d learn my lesson. when I was using my Bernina 1230 or is it 1260 (I forget at the moment) I went thru 3 foot pedals in three years. My repairman told me I should not sew so fast. It’s the pedal to the medal theory he told me. When you keep your foot all the way down, it’s hard on the foot pedal. Well.. I said to him, they should build em stronger. I can sew fast, so I do. An expensive lesson at best, even back in the 90’s when I was using that Bernina, that foot pedal was just over 100.00. I comparison priced the foot pedals for the D1 tho, as I wanted to get it at the best price I could and actually found one on eBay for 125.00. Suggested retail for them is 189.99.

I’ve been wanting to finish my first project so I could post a project on my blog, and lo and behold, I guess having the poor foot pedal in storage for so long it just decided to konk out on me. I wonder how my Bernina will be when we move back home to the states. It to has been in storage for nearly 10 years now poor baby. I miss it. Had I thought back when we moved to Europe that I’d want to get back into quilting, I would have just brought it with me. It’s not as complicated as most of today’s machines and carries easily versus todays machine. It’s a computerized machine, but it’s not an embroidery machine. At the time I bought it, Pfaff had just come out with the 1475cd machine, which hooked up to your computer to do a certain type of special stitch. Bernina was just coming out with it’s first machine embroidery type of machine, and my 1230 or 1260 was being discontinued. My dealer knew I wanted a Bernina and offered me a great deal on it. There was no way I could turn it down.

So while I wait for that foot pedal to come, my blog is getting caught up.  I hope you all are not having a naked feeling day like me. Hugs,



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