Flickr Rewards and TTNBC Block 04…

Sue and Sam Illinois

Just posting a little note that all FlickR rewards for Sue and Sams are caught up as of this morning. June 05, 2017. Their is a new way that rewards are being done, they will no longer be thru Payhip. You will have one coupon code, but can use it on 1 pattern or multiple patterns. Please add all your patterns to the cart at once, then check out with your coupon code. A How To Use the Cart has been added to the site where rewards are now housed at.

It will be much easier for me to go this route and in the end I believe everyone of you will also like it as you’ll have many features you didn’t have before at Payhip.

Please be on the watch also for your TTNBC Block 04 rewards, I am almost finished writing that pattern up and I will send those rewards first before uploading it to Craftsy and Payhip, thus those of you who’ve been waiting will have them first. I’ll try to get block 05 up by the end of this week, my tester has sent that pattern back as of yesterday, so it should be written more quickly than block 04 as their is not as much embroidery in that block.

Cya Soon,


3 thoughts on “Flickr Rewards and TTNBC Block 04…

  1. Marion can you tell me when TINBC #5 will be ready to be bought? Also do you have anyone in Arizona getting you a Row By Row? Let me know and I will try and pick you up one.

  2. You always have something going on! Are you ready for R x R. I’ve seen a few in shops and they are much better than some of last year’s!

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