Four Years Today…

stbs-2017-4th Blog BirthdayIt’s amazing to think that four years ago today I opened my blog. I’ve noted several times over the past four years that I started this blog mainly because I was going to participate in a blog hop for Electric Quilt that Bea was hosting. The thing is, I had already been planning to open a blog, I owned this domain already, and it needed a new plan or I was just going to let it go… I had already been working to start quilting again, we’d just moved to a new home in Italy after having lived what is known as “on the economy” in military terms. We had moved to base housing as an opportunity arose for us to do so and it was much less expensive to live there than on the economy.

I loved living in that home, it was hard to leave it last October. However, I’m not sorry we moved back to the states, we are definitely happy to be home. I’m close to my family, Frank is close to his and we are essentially home here in Colorado.

I’d like to thank all of my followers and visitors and especially my friends that I have made over the years, because of opening this blog. So, I have a free pattern for you today that you can download until Sunday, April 10, 2017.

Without you, I would definitely not still be blogging away. Thank you so much for everything you have given me, created and even putting up with me.

stbs-2017-4th Blog Birthday-b-smallHappy Birthday To You, my friends, my followers and my visitors.

Again, Thank you so much for visiting me over these last four years.

This pattern was created for you in 7×9 and 12×14 sizes.

Click the image to download.

Artwork for this pattern is by Kristi W

This is the pattern only, no cutting files or machine embroidery files.
Due to restrictions with terms for this artist, no cutting files will ever be made.
Machine Embroidery Files may be made at a later date.

I am also offering a 25% discount in my Payhip shop until Monday, April 11, 2017

95% of my patterns are in this shop, with the exception of the singles for 12 Days 2016 and the Sewing On The Go Train. However, the full pattern is available in that shop.

Use coupon code: ThankYou4Visiting

to redeem your coupon in my payhip shop.

In regards to Block of the Months and Flickr Rewards…. I am currently trying to finish 4 sewing projects, these need to be finished asap until they are done, no blocks will be released. I’m sorry, I just don’t have the time to finish writing the patterns and trying to sew at the same time.


24 thoughts on “Four Years Today…

  1. Congratulations. I simply love your patterns. They are easy to follow and go together beautifully. Thank you.

  2. Happy Anniversary! I’m so delighted to have found your blog late last year. You are quite an inspiration! Thank you for such a sweet block!

  3. Felice anniversario e grazie a te per tutto quello che ci regali e non, sono felice di aver scoperto il tuo blog e quando trovo una tua email nella mia posta, entro subito a vedere cosa ci scrivi…….un caro saluto Silvana Italia

  4. How things have changed in those four years! I remember living on the economy in Okinawa, only that was a cheap place to live! The only thing was, we were living in Okinawan-built houses, and they thought Americans were all tall. I could only reach the bottom shelf on the kitchen cabinets! I really liked living there, too. Still, home is the best place – we all think that. LOL Thank you so much for the adorable girl with a birthday cupcake. I can think of several uses for her! Happy blogoversary! Have SEW much fun sewing!

  5. Happy blogging. Wow 4 years and I have just only found you. what have I missed…cannot wait for what quilts you share….Thank you for the cute little girl pattern..

  6. Thank you so much Marian, she is absolutely beautiful. Happy Anniversary for your blog. It was fun being in touch when you were near me (Italy – Israel not so far apart), but you can see I’m here too.

  7. Happy 4th Anniversary! I always enjoy reading your blog & participating when I can. Thank you for all your hard work and the wonderful patterns and projects that have been and are, Susan

  8. Happy anniversary Marian! It has been such a joy following your blog. You are a sweet and generous person. You share sooo much with us and we do appreciate it. Your patterns are the cutest of any that I have seen so thank you for sharing them with us. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!!

  9. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for all of your beautiful patterns over the year! Thanks for sharing your talents!

  10. congratulations. happy blogaversary. 🙂 thank you for the sweet pattern. It has been a lot of fun following you and learning how to applique. Really just started recently and am giving it my all. Thank you for all the encouragement along the way to all of us.

  11. Happy Anniversary Marian’
    Thank you for all the lovely patterns, and information that you’ve provided.
    Here’s to many more wonderful years.

  12. Congratulations Marian! You do an awesome job with your blog and the blog hops. Best wishes for many years of blogging ahead.

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