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Halloween Haunts 2015Well it is my day to show you my projects. I pretty much kept it simple this year. I had a larger project planned, but coming off of EQ Seasons also, I just didn’t have time to even implement it.

Instead I chose to create something I didn’t have any of.. and that is some Halloween Mugrugs. I know many of you have tons of them, but I’m still just starting on my quest to collect them. It was only earlier this year that I made my first few mugrugs. However I used purchased designs for those, this time I just created my own from some designs I already had, and some new ones.. 

So here is what I’ve been up to…

Marian's Ghoulish HandI’m sure you recognize this Ghoulish Hand, you’ve been trying to win the patterns for it for this entire hop. I re-stitched this out in the mugrug size and I added the spiders. I’m quite happy with how it turned out. If I’d used a different background, the spiders would have shown up better and I would have had purple for my fingernails, but I like the orange also.

As I was stitching the binding down, I kept thinking how I should add a sliver of fabric on the end of that wrist to make a cuff.

The original artwork for the spider and hand are from Delightful Doodles.


I love these Spooky Eyes, they had a little hiccup which I need to fix when I stitched them out, but it’s an easy fix. 

Artwork for the Eyes is from JWI Illustrations

Each of my mugrugs has a different finishing technique, in all but one of them I used the same background fabric.

Ghost On The Edge 2I’m guessing you recognize Ghost On The Edge 2?

This is the mugrug version of Ghosts On The Edge 2.

Frankieand what Halloween would be good without Frankie. 

Frankenstein has always been my favorite character at Halloween, so their is no way I could go without making a Frankenstein mugrug.

All of the mugrugs today are all the same size.

Frank is from Halloween artwork at Diddybag.com

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59 thoughts on “Halloween Haunts – My Day To Be Haunted

  1. What a ghoulish gaggle of delightful characters. Love them all. Especially the coordinated backgrounds. Brings them together as a set. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Love all of your mug rugs! I think the hand with the spiders is my favorite. Those curly legs are so cute!!

  3. Frankie is my favorite. When I was 6 or 7 I watched the movie for the first time but
    my parents wanted to go to bed. I talked my mom into letting me stay up to watch the rest by myself. I had never stayed up alone before and my mother thought I would be too spooked. She was surprised when I could tell her the ending the next morning. Yep! Frankie and I go way back!

  4. Cute, cute mug rugs. They would also make a fun “mini quilt display”. The expression on Frankie’s face is priceless.

  5. Your mug rugs are great! I have made a few of them this year for swaps and they are so quick and fun to make. Each of yours is adorable, but I think my favorite is the Frankie. Thank you so much for all your hard work on this blog hop. It has been really fun to see what everyone has created.
    My email is: bestbelle2010@aol.com
    Thank you!

  6. I Love All Your Halloween Mug Rug Quilts! Thanks For Having this Blog Hop and Letting Me Participate! It’s been a Real Scream! Ha!

  7. Great mug rugs! Instead of a cuff on the ghoulish hand…what about tucking a bit of ghoulish lace under the binding on the wrist.

  8. OH WOW…I want to make that HAND!! I offer no apologies that I like Halloween – A LITTLE CREEPY. Your mug rugs are fantastic….I want to make them all.

  9. OMG, those mug rugs are adorable! I love mug rugs. I have them all around, you know they are not just for mugs, lol. I also think your monster quilt is hauntingly sweet. I just love your ideas! Thank you for everything and have a safe and Happy Halloween!

  10. Love the mug rugs. I have lots of mug rugs for other seasons but none for halloween. I must remedy that next year.

    1. Yep, I’m just starting to make more mugrugs, they are fun and fast, easy to do .. I don’t know why I’ve held off so long making them. Their was no way I could go without having some for Halloween tho. 🙂

  11. I really love the way you have that “eye lash” finish on some of your satin stitching. Thanks for hosting and sharing. Happy Halloween.

  12. Love, love, love all those mug rugs! Spooky and creepy…my kind of Halloween treats. You’ve done a great job on the hop and I’ve enjoyed all the projects. Thank you!

    1. That’s a tough choice, I like Frankie, but I love the spooky hand, and the eyes also.. dang.. I really like them all, but I guess if I were to say which I’m partial to the most, it’s gonna be Frankie to.. I’m using him right now as my mugrug of choice today.. I love having a choice. 🙂

    1. Thank you Colette, I have a thing for spider web fabric, have many different ones, but this one I bought this year. I loved it so much I bought six yards of it, so figured I should probably use some of it up.

    1. Thank you, and I will say that yea, it probably is amusing, because I like Frankie to look more scary to be honest, but, it’s very difficult to find a scary Frankie in artwork that I can legally use even if for personal use, it’s not an easy thing to find sadly, so cute it was.. 🙂

  13. Your mugrugs are a great idea, small enough to use some scraps up. Thank you for a wonderful hop. I have enjoyed every day.

    1. Yea, I seem to be bulging in fabric at the moment, so I need to start getting some of it used up.. If were were back in a permanent residence in the states, it would be easy to keep scraps, but if I don’t use my scraps they will end up in the trash heap, so I have to use them up quickly.

    1. Thanks Lisa Marie, It is a fun technique to do especially when your wanting to layer things like hair, or fur on animals, and I thought it would look cute on the eyes.

  14. Wow what a great collection of mug rugs!!
    love the detail in them.
    Thanks yu for all you did to get the hop going and keeping us creating.
    in stitches

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