Halloween Haunts Today With Sandy..

stbs-HH-Sandy-Scarecrow introLet me introduce you to Sandy, she doesn’t have a blog, so she agreed to let me post her project here for you today. It all started with a witch and a scarecrow and some cool patterns…

Sandy’s projects are in Cross Stitch and Quilting

First this beautiful pattern from Stoney Creek..

Stoney Creek Leaflet 27

Sandy took this Cross Stitch pattern and turned the scarecrow and witch and set it into a wreath.



Sandy says “I made This Halloween Wreath Years Ago. At the Time I did a lot of Counted Cross Stitch. I also made a lot of Wreaths. So I figured this Design Would Look Nice in a Wreath for my Door.  I shaped Some Cardboard like a Tombstone Like the cover on the Pattern and taped the Finished Design To it. I then Added Fall leaves and small Pumpkins to a Straw Wreath. I Love the Black Fabric that Contrasts Nicely with the Witch in the Moon!”

I thought this was very clever, it’s a great way to fill in all that open wreath space.


and here is a closeup of the Cross Stitch.



Sandy - It Seems To Whisper


It Seems to Whisper My Favorite Fall Poem by Humbert Wolfe…..”Listen!…The Wind is Rising and The Air is Full of Leaves, We have had our Summer Evenings, now for October Eves!” This pattern is from The Prairie Schooler.

I Used to do a lot of Counted Cross Stich, but my Passion now is Quilting and my Favorite Technique is Paper Piecing.  Here Is a Quilt Block I made that is part of a Quilt I Finished.  Doesn’t it Look Like an Enchanted Forest Full of Majic and Danger? This is a pattern from www.silverliningsoriginals.com

Silver Linings Originals

Please let Sandy know what you think of her project by commenting below.

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104 thoughts on “Halloween Haunts Today With Sandy..

    1. Wendy, Thanks! I Love Realistic Quilting and Cross Stitching! I’ve changed Colors in several Blocks I’ve Made to Look More Realistic!

  1. I’m so glad you found a way for Sandy to share her cross-stitch and quilting creations, even though she doesn’t have a blog. Her work is beautiful and her sense of color is outstanding!

  2. Beautiful cross stitch pieces. I haven’t done much lately but still enjoy seeing different projects. And your magic forest is beautiful too.

  3. Great cross stitching projects. I haven’t done cross stitch in years. I love the forest block, especially the purple in the block.

  4. The cross stitch work is cute as cn be and well done. But the forest block blow me out of the water. I’m not usually a huge fan of modern quilting but this is …WOW. The piecing and fabric choices are perfect. I would love to see the whole quilt

  5. Love the cross Stitch. I haven’t done it in years but seeing your cute piece made me want to do some. Happy Halloween!

    1. Julie,

      I have a lot of Cross Stitch Patterns still. I probably won’t do them All. I’m Hooked on Quilting Now! Happy Halloween!

    1. Sarah,

      You are So Kind! I Should Get Back into Cross Stitch, but I have so Many Quilt Projects to do! Happy Halloween!

  6. Love your Enchanted Forest! Your cross stitch projects are very nice too. Like you, I am also passionate about quilting. Not so much paper piecing as regular piecing though. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Sandy, I love the cross stitch witch and scarecrow–lots of work (they would work for Wizard of Oz too!)!! Stunning display in the wreath. Your pp quilt block is awesome. What a talented artist you are. I’m so glad Marian brought you to us!

    1. Anna,

      Thanks So Much! I Love The Halloween Enchanted Woods Piece Too! It was So Good For Marian to have this Halloween Haunts!

  8. Sandy, these are both simply wonderful. I love Stoney Creek and you have inspired me to get my stitching kit out this weekend.

    The paper piecing is bold and exciting1 Love the colors.

    1. Mary Ann,

      Thanks So Much! I did change the yellow color on the background to let more sunlight shine through the forest! Happy Halloween!

    1. Melissa, I find Paper Piecing Relaxing Too. But Most of My Blocks are Challenging and I’m Relieved When they are Done! Happy Halloween Haunted Haunts!

  9. Thanks for being a part of the hop. I love your counted cross stitch. I followed the link as I wanted to get the pattern but either they are sold out or it’s out of print. Maybe I’ll find somewhere. Love the block you made, it’s so different from my usual style and I really like it. Thanks for the link to the patterns.

  10. They are both equally beautifully done. Wish I could do that but my eyes won’t let me do such detailed work. Tried many times. Love them both!

  11. I also used to do cross stitch and may just have to dig it out again because I love the one you made and have already checked out the pattern. It’s not like I need another project on top of everything else but it’s so cute! Love the quilt block and thanks for sharing the link to it also.

  12. That is beautiful, you do very neat work. My eyes will not let me do such fine work. I tried many times, so I envy those that can. Beautiful!

    1. Jane, I’m not sure how I had the patience to do Cross Stitch in the past! I remember thinking it takes about an hour to do an inch or so! Thanks for your Kind Words!

    2. Jane, Thanks! Have you tried magnifying glasses? I’ve seen some cross stitchers use some that have a chain to wear like glasses.

    3. Jane,
      I Have to Take OFF my Glasses to see up close now! Have you ever tried magnifying glasses? Happy Halloween Haunts!

  13. Susan, Thanks! I never considered Majic in my Work But Now I Do! Cross Stich is So Time Consuming. I’m not sure I have the Patience for it now! And Quilting is always One of a Kind projects made from the Heart!

  14. I used to do a lot of cross stitch too, back when I used to be able to see close up! Love your paper piecing project! I’ve only tried a couple of Linda’s patterns — they are just amazing.

    1. Lisa,

      Thanks! I have to take off my glasses to see up close! I’m hooked on Linda’s Patterns. The Woods Block was very Advanced!

  15. Marian, The More I Look at Your Site “Seams to Be Sew” The More I’m Enthralled! Thanks For Having This Halloween Haunts! You are Incredible!

  16. The cross stitch projects are wonderful. The wreath center was a great idea.

    The paper pieced art is amazing! The colors are just incredible.

  17. I thought the wreath was a cool way to use a past project, but the close up of the cross stitch bowled me over. I would want that piece out all year long!! I don’t do paper piecing, but the quilt is amazing and the fabric choices are stunning. It is such a beautiful piece. I’m going to check out that pattern link.

  18. Nice work on the cross stitch. I keep trying to finish a cross stitch project but keep getting cross eyed LOL. I love your paper pieced quilt beautiful colors!

  19. Sandy you have done a fabulous job on your projects. Those stitchery’s are just gorgeous and the paper pieced forest is just too cool! Hope to see more from you soon!

  20. Wow, I love your cross stitch, especially the Autumn poem piece, but your forest quilt is phenomenal!!!! I do some paper piecing but have not had the patience for something that detailed. You have provided me with some incentive. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Emily, Thanks! I Love Cross Stitch Too! Though I don’t have as much patience as I used to have. Cross Stitch and Quilts are one of a Kinds!

  21. Sandy, thank you for giving me the honor of posting your wonderful projects, I really am in awe, and of course I love paper piecing myself, so that wallhanging from Silver Linings is absolutely awesome.

    Thank you for participating in Halloween Haunts.

    1. Marian, Thanks So Much For Letting Me Participate in Your Halloween Haunts! I have never done anything like this before. Your compliments are very Gracious. I Want To Thank You For All Your Hard Work In Making This Halloween Haunts Happen! This is a Lot of Fun!

    1. Anita, Thank You So Much! I’m Addicted to Paper Piecing. I Enjoyed Cross Stich and gave a lot of pieces customer framed away. I Love Wreaths and Love Halloween!

  22. I don’t know which one is best, but I really do feel the magic in the quilt! The first cross stitch is just full of Halloween feeling, too!

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