Halloween Sayings 04 and 05 Released…

Halloween Sayings 01

Have you been following along on my little mini Halloween series I’ve been releasing each week. I haven’t made it really noticeable on my blog, mostly just uploading it to Craftsy itself. Last Friday I posted it on the post with the winners for first weeks Thursday of the Christmas Caroling Row Along… That seems confusing… but I know what I mean.. hehehe..

This is a fun little series, some blocks offered in smaller versions to also make mugrugs, but most blocks are released in a 12×12 size.

All blocks include SVG Cutting Files and small amounts of machine embroidery for the outlines and such.

The artwork for these blocks is Limited Edition artwork by Clipartopolis.

Released Previously

and for machine embroiderers

Halloween Black Catthis cute little black cat which can be stitched entirely in the hoop.

Coming next Friday/Saturday


I hope ya’ll have a great weekend!!


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