Home Of The 40-Inch Yard…

Connect BlockHave you heard of it? I hadn’t… and then Peggy Benjamin of Connected Blocks wrote me with the offer of a big.. huge.. $50.00 gift certificate to giveaway during The Road Home Row Along..

Just picture it.. you get more for your money.. 4 more inches than anywhere else.. WoW.. That’s way cool.. I am over the moon.. How about you?

Go ahead, I know you want to head right on over to Connect The Blocks and get some of those 40-inch yards yourself.

Connect Block

Have a great day and if your rowin away today…

Stay Safe, Be Safe, Drive Safe

and remember..

 to those of you visiting Quilt Shops around the world today, should you happen to pick up a pattern you don’t want.. Send it to me, I’ll happily take it off your hands.. 🙂


Have a Fabulous Day!!


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8 Responses to Home Of The 40-Inch Yard…

  1. AvatarDiane S says:

    Rounding up the yard! I love it. Hubby will be helping me experience those fun rows. I should have a few extras to share.

  2. Avatarsusan says:

    Oh, thanks for the link! And thanks to the shop for the GC sponsorship. Way cool!

  3. AvatarCarol Swift says:

    Just checked out Connect The Blocks…great store!

  4. AvatarJoan says:

    Yes…bigger is always better when it comes to quilting!

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