How To Create Holes In EQ

Let's Make A HoleThis is probably amongst the coolest techniques I’ve learned thus far in EQ.

I’d like to first thank Barb Vlack for turning me on to this technique that she created as she says as long ago as possibly version 4.. so with that idea in mind, it should at least work in versions 5, 6, and I know for a fact it works in version 7 and maybe even beyond.

Creating holes in EQ until now has been what I consider impossible. The only way I could think of to do it was to place shapes over each other. I remember when I first asked about this, one of the tech support tried to explain their way of doing it, but I just didn’t get it. Until Barb sent me a sample project file, I too didn’t really understand until I looked at the project file. Once I did that, it was like a light bulb going off in my head.

The reasons I believe creating holes is important is because it:

  1. Allows you to have a placement line when printing the shapes. Thus allowing you to place the shape intended to go over the hole in the proper area.
  2. Another is so you can cut into the hole shape to either create applique methods that would allow you to turn the inside under such as a ships wheel where you have many little holes in that wheel among the spikes. (This was the first time I tried to create a hole was with a ships wheel pattern block I was creating for a Club EQ project last year, the ship wheel is in the lower left side of that quilt I created, but when I created that holes for the wheel, I used the Brush Stroke tool to create the top part and overlapped the ends. The background shapes are drawn in on it to allow me to still use the background of the rock.
  3. The other reason is it will allow you to easily remove freezer paper on the wrong side of your fabric when you cut around the shaped hole.

There may even be other reasons why holes are important, but for me, the above are the reasons I wanted to be able to create holes.

Also, with using EQ Stitch which I did not test out, this technique could help those who need to add zigzag in layers, but don’t want all the bulk that can be created via using stabilizers, fabric or even heat-n-bond type bonding agents.

So with that in mind, and Barb’s generous permission to create this lesson for you, I have created a 15-minutee video on how to create holes in EQ. I have included the project file I created so you to can have a look, play, and learn.

Project Download

Credits For This Lesson

Barb Vlack

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