How To Upload To Flickr and Add To A Group

flickrHeya Everyone,

I’m feeling pretty much like a dork for not showing ya’ll how to upload to Flickr. I’ll be honest tho, until this weekend, I had absolutely no idea myself on how to do it. You’d think with EQ Seasons last year that I would have known, but I must have just lucked out with the blocks I did upload. So without further ado, here is a quick how to do it.

First, you must have a yahoo id and login. You can’t login to Flickr without one.

Once you are logged in, it will take you to your “feed” wall, which is usually people who are following. If your not following anyone else, it will show you miscellaneous feeds until you start following some people. It will also show you your activity.

This is the first, from your own profile.

Add To Flickr-07To upload, Click this icon in the top right of your browser

Add To Flickr 3You can only upload (to my knowledge) photos from your profile, even tho you can choose to add photos from groups, the only time the option seems to appear like this in a group is if your not logged in, and it will ask you to login prior to uploading, and probably take you to your profile anyway.

Once they are uploaded

Add To Flickr-09They are just sitting here, they aren’t fully uploaded yet. This area gives you the ability to rename the images, add a description, and several other editing options.

Add To Flickr-09One of those settings is the ability to also add them to a group

On the left side menu, near the bottom is a Add To Groups line in the menu.

Add To Flickr-10If you have joined the group, it will show up on this list. (if you haven’t (click the done button without clicking a group) but don’t click out of this page yet, scroll 2 images down to see what’s left to do)

Add To Flickr-11When you click on the group name a green checkmark will appear. Click Done.

Add To Flickr-12You will then see the images appear under the Add To Groups menu line, and when you hover over it, it will tell you how many were added.

Add To Flickr-13


Once your all done editing, and adding them to a group, click the “Upload # Photos” (I used # because it’s dependant on how many image(s) you are uploading) button in the top right area of your browser.

If you don’t click this button, your images will not upload, and they will just disappear into the void.. 🙂 You’ll have to do the process all over again.

Add To Flickr-15You’ll get a confirm window, click Upload again.

Add To Flickr-16They will then appear on your feed

Add To Flickr-17and when you go to the group you also uploaded them to, they will show up.

If you couldn’t upload to the group you wanted, read the how to below:

How to Directly Add To a Group

You need to be logged into Flickr.

Add To Flickr 1Go to the group you want to upload to, in this case, this tutorial was created for uploading to the Sunbonnet Sue and Sam Travel The World botm, so I’ll give you that link to try, but this tutorial is good for any group on Flickr.

Sunbonnet Sue and Sam Travel The World BOTM Flickr Group

You’ll need to join the group if you haven’t already.

Add To Flickr 2You do need to be logged in to add a photo to the group.

Click on the Add Photo button.

Add To Flickr 4(Please note, the above image was taken on a Flickr account I made to create this tutorial, so only one image shows up because I had to upload it to add it)

If you have a lot of images in your Flickr profile, the ones you just uploaded will show up first in the window.

You can then click on the picture(s) you want to add to the group, and they will appear in the right side window:

Add To Flickr 5Click Add To Group

Add To Flickr 6It will then show you your picture/photo you just uploaded.

Cool Eh!! It’s also very quick.

Now, if you uploaded from your own profile, your return window will be different, but when you go to the group url, the images will show their also, as well in your own group

When your ready to turn in a block for a Flickr Reward, this is how you get the url address of your photo.

Flickr URL 1

Go to the page where your photo you’ve uploaded is displayed

Flickr URL 2

Click in your browser address bar so it is hilighted

Flickr URL 3

Press ctrl + c on your keyboard or right click and choose copy

Flickr URL 4

Come to the page at my blog where you need to enter the Url Address and right click and choose paste, or press ctrl +v on your keyboard.

Flickr URL 5

If your FlickR url address doesn’t look something like the above image, I will reject it and you will have to send me the correct url, so please be sure you get this right. It’s not fun for me to have to search for your image when I have many requests to reward.

Please let me know if you have any issues, I do want to make this process easy for you.


6 thoughts on “How To Upload To Flickr and Add To A Group

  1. My problem is not being able to upload to my group from my computer. It seems that I have to go through my account to upload to the group. Is it possible to upload to the group without having to first upload to my personal account????

  2. Don’t feel like a dork! It’s really our responsibility to know these things. You showed me a couple of easier things I didn’t even know about, and I’ve been doing this for quite a few years!

    1. Well… it’s good for me to learn these things to.. I’m not a huge user of Flickr, but many people seem to like it, and it is pretty easy to use. 🙂

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