Hugs n Kisses Blog Hop

Hugs & Kisses Blog Hop
Hugs & Kisses Blog Hop

It’s here and so is the schedule, pretty exciting if you ask me, I’m looking forward to each day with anticipation. I can’t wait to see you at each site, and I hope I’ll see you here when it’s my day.

The best part about this hop is knowing each of us who participated contributed to helping someone get a new sewing machine so they to can create beautiful quilts. This was my second donation to this great little cause and I’m proud to be part of it still today.

Here’s the schedule for those of you who may like to see it. I’ll update this post each day of the hop.

Feb 12th
Hugs n Kisses
Lady Carol
Lady Sandy
Lady Cynthia
Lady Pat
Lady Jolie
Lady Susan
Feb 13th
 Hugs n Kisses
Lady Beth
Lady Jenny
Lady Britt-Inger
Lady Carla
Lady Marian
Lady Lyndsey
Feb 14th
Hugs n Kisses
Lady Soma
Lady Laura Ann
Lady Doris
Lady Rexie
Lady Shari
Feb 17th
Hugs n Kisses
Lady Vickie
Lady Anne
Lady Selina
Lady Theresa
Lady Jane
Feb 18th
 Hugs n Kisses
Lady Lana
Lady Judy
Lady Shanna
Lady Amanda
Lady Kay
Feb 19th
Hugs n Kisses
 Lady Bente
Lady Kristen
Lady Linda
Lady Marcy
Lady Susie
Mdm Samm



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