I am dying for some Ruffles!!!

Frito Lay's RufflesEver since I signed up for this Blog Hop, I have been dying for some Ruffles. Those of you who’ve tried these luscious potato chips know what I mean. They are yummy. So I had to bring the ruffles to my day, perhaps then I’ll get over my craving for them. This wonderful blog hop with the theme of “Think Ruffles” is brought to you by the many blogs who’ve participated, Madam Samm, and Amy. I’ve never had a problem with ruffles or gathering when sewing and I don’t mind doing it. I’ve never been able to figure out the ruffler foot either and currently do not even own one for my current machines, so ruffling for me comes the old fashioned way. It’s pretty amazing when you think about it how much ruffles are really apart of sewing. It is common to see ruffles or some type of gathering for instance in Lingerie, many sleeves on garments are “eased” in with a light gather or “poofed” in with a heavy gather stitch. Back in the 70’s, the maxi-dress was very popular and the skirt was entirely gathered. You can’t go to a department type store without seeing a pillow that has a ruffled edge around it. I bet none of you can go into your closet without seeing some sort of garment that doesn’t have some gathering. Many techniques in sewing even give the appearance of gathering, such as elasticized items, or shirring, pleating, and ruching. So with all that said, here is what I created for the Think Ruffles Blog Hop.


This Ruffled Owl Bag is the creation of Kichi Kimani

I’ll just be upfront and honest here, I did not like making this bag, not because of the gathering, but because of the instructions for this pattern. It’s not that Kichi doesn’t give you tons of images, because that’s literally all that the pdf is. The pdf pattern is 55 pages. It is well documented in images, but sometimes while I love images in a “how to”, I need to have some text as well. Her pattern uses yoyo’s in the eyes, I chose to make a folded fabric hexagon instead. I’m not good at making yoyo’s.

My biggest headache with this pattern is that she uses peltex in this pattern along with a heavy fusible interfacing, and she wants you to use several layers of the interfacing. The interfacing I ordered for this blog hop has not arrived yet, even now I’m still waiting for it to arrive and it was ordered over three weeks ago. It’s not that I don’t like the peltex, I can definitely see how wonderful it actually is especially for purse making, but Kichi, has you use it literally in every major shape of this bag and it’s not needed for the beak or the flap. I made one bag prior to this one where the flap and the beak are so heavy between the “fleece” that I used instead of the interfacing and the peltex that even after topstitching the bag down, the flap still would not fold over.

In the end, I chose to remake the bag, and write down some tips (for the changes I made to the pattern) so that anyone in the future who chooses to make this pattern will have the options presented to them.

Those changes are located here.

I also created these flowers as I’ve been planning to do a flower tutorial for my blog anyway and thought these would fit into this blog hop as well.


The tutorial to create these is located here.

These flowers are created entirely with the sewing machine with the exception of the buttons, which were done by hand. I don’t do buttons by machine, even tho I know how to do them, I don’t think buttons by machine get enough strength to last for along time. They are one of the few things I will do by hand. Their is also no glue on these flowers.

So these are my projects for this hop,

I thank you sew much for stopping by today

and a thank you to Amy and Madam Samm for the honor of allowing me to participate in this blog hop.

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Enjoy Your Day!!


49 thoughts on “I am dying for some Ruffles!!!

  1. I love your owl bag, it is super cute! I tried to follow a pattern like that one time, it was for a mouse pin cushion and it assumed you knew what you were, instead of 55 pages it was one page.

  2. Owls are such cute items right now and this purse is just as cute. Some guild members talked about Soft and Stable for use in purses and bags and how they like it so much.
    I am going to follow your blog on Bloglovin to keep up with your tutorials.

  3. The purse is adorable. I know that if my granddaughter sees it, I will be making one. The buttons are so cute, also, and would be a great addition to many projects. Great work!

  4. sometimes you really don’t know how something is going to work out till you are too far gone into the process. Like a recipe that way—follow directions the first time around but then start making your adjustments to fit you taste. The owl is so cute! So are your ruffled flowers.

  5. Your owl clutch turned out really cute! The ruffle flowers are pretty too. I like to pin them to purses and summer tops.

  6. Finally – Ruffles I can relate to! I’ll make up some ranch dip and we can get to some serious business, lol. Your owl clutch is soooooo stinkin’ cute, I love it!

  7. Your bag is cute but I agree with you about bag patterns that require so much interfacing and stiffening products. Sometimes it is just not needed. I like your rosettes, too. I am a no-glue stitcher, so thanks for the no glue method!

  8. I really enjoy your owl bag, although I can’t imagine a 55 page pattern. Unless we are talking about blueprints for house building! I’m not much of a pattern follower anyway — I tend to get the general idea and then do it my way. Your flowers are fun, too. A comment on buttons FWIW. One way to help keep them from falling off (whether machine sewn or hand sewn) is to put a drop of FrayCheck right on the threads on the back side. Keeps them from coming loose even if something happens to a thread or two.

  9. Absolutely love how the owl bag turned out, although I cannot imagine a 55 page pattern for anything, unless we are talking about the blueprints for house building! I’m not much of a pattern follower anyway — tend to grasp the main idea and then take off in my own way. Turned out well in spite of your difficulties.

    Like your flowers, too. One hint for keeping buttons from falling off (whether sewn on by machine or by hand) is to put a dot of FrayCheck or another seam fixative on the back threads. Keeps them from fraying or coming loose.

  10. I’ve taken several bag-making classes at my LQS . We substituted “Soft-n-Stable” for the Peltex. It’s a foan covered fabric (both sides) and gives the bag lots of body and yet is soft and easy to sew. I know that it is available on the Superior Threads website.

    The bag is really cute and the ruffle adorable. Great job.

  11. While it might have driven you crazy, the end results is nothing short of adorable! I like to consider those kind of projects as a “mission accomplished” when I can outsmart the pattern. (all 55 pages of it) LOL!! Great job!

  12. Your owl is cute and sure makes you bag look adorble. I also love your flowers. If you do a tutorial on them, let me know! We eat Ruffle potatoes chips all rhw time. They are so good, as they say, “Ruffles have Ridges”.

  13. Don’t you love those projects that drive you crazy! 😉 The end result reguardless, is nothing short of adorable. I like to consider those kind of projects a “mission accomplished” when I can outsmart the pattern! (all 55 pages of it) LOL!!

  14. I LOVE your Owl bag Marian. It is very cute. I am not good with patterns, so I usually have to wing it too! It turned out really cute! Love the flowers too. I need to make some of those for spring pins. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!
    xo jan@ Sew and Sow Farm

  15. I think your bag is adorable! I’ve had patterns that totally frustrate me, too, but you managed to make that owl turn out pretty cute. :O)

  16. Marian despite the difficulty of the pattern it sure turned out to be a cute, cute purse. I’m sure the yoyos are cute as eyes but the hexagons are darling too! blessings, marlene

  17. Hello Marian, your owl bag is really nice…ruffles even on an owl just makes it say HOO HOO can make me prettier…

  18. Great little owl bag. Like how you used folded hexies rather than yo yos for the eyes. A nice way to change it up. Lovely little project!

  19. Thanks for the pattern review! Its a shame you didn’t enjoy making the cute bag, but your review and comments are very worthwhile for others who may want to make it. Thanks for joining in on the blog hop!

  20. What a cute bag!!!! Thanks for your review of the pattern. 55 pages of pdf -yikes. I still prefer to print most things out – I’m not going to print out 55 pages, hopefully. And trying to make sure that you keep your place in that has to be a nightmare. I’m not familiar with peltex – it sounds awful, too. Regardless, your bag is just too, too cute. I haven’t looked at the tutorial on the flowers all by machine AND I will look at it. The less handwork I have to do, the better. I do put my bindings down by hand. We all have our preferences. Thanks for a great project and thanks for participating even with all the frustrations.

  21. Your bag turned out great! It can be frustrating when things don’t arrive and when projects don’t come together in a snap… But you made it all work out in the end! Lovely flowers, too 🙂

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