I feel like a dork!!! Nifty Novelties Day 02, my project…

I am so dumb, last night I finished my post, and went to bed… leaving it on “draft” .. not published, but thinking I had published it for this morning. So here I am, all my dorkiness in tow…

I’ve made for this hop a simple project, nothing big or fancy, but something I haven’t done before.

I absolutely love novelty prints tho.  Next to blenders they are my favorite print to work with. Even tho I don’t do it that often. Normally when I work with novelty prints, I either fussy cut the area I want or I create an entire project out of the fabric something like a bag or placemat. Back in the 90s, when novelty prints started becoming more popular in quilt shops, I went crazy buying as many as I could. Prior to that time, novelty prints carried little interest for me as I didn’t just want to see a pumpkin on a low-quality print and most of the novelty prints I remember back then were sold in fabric shops and were low enough quality that you could see right thru the fabric.

In the quilt below, which I’ve shown several times on this blog It is entirely created with novelty prints. Only the black square is repeated. Every single novelty print in this quilt was an individual piece I purchased.

Novelty QuiltsI like to buy “scenes”, if I buy something that is a specific object, I do not buy a lot of it, maybe a 1/4 yard, but if it’s a scene, I’ll buy a yard of it just so I have the entire scene. I love buying nature prints also, rocks, bricks, clouds, sky, water… etc… The quilt above was made in 1995-96, it is my pride and joy quilt. Sadly, it is no longer with me. That’s another story for another time.

Today’s project tho before I started the medication which has totally taken over my body, a week now and I’m still groggy from taking it each day. I decided to create some towel holders. I’ve enjoyed the ones I purchased in stores but thought … hey, I could make these for a lot less. So I did… below is my first one.

Towel HoldersI’m gonna say this is my tester project, I made a pretty big mistake creating this one but I have everything typed out, and when I can be at my machine again for more than a few minutes at a time I’ll make more, creating pictures and placing a tutorial on my site for them. I’d like to do more of that so you can see fun ways to use my patterns.

Of course, as always, I have a fun pattern I created for today for you to take and download if you’d like…

I haven’t had the headspace to finish the rest of the 3 blocks in this pattern set yet and my mind is on doing my block of the months to just get them finished. But I decided to go ahead and offer the free pattern anyway.

You can download it by clicking the image above.
It will be free thru October 31, 2019
Artwork for this pattern inspired by Freepik.com.

FromTimeless Treasuresa beautiful set of fabrics to add to your collections

just comment on this post or visit the Timeless Treasures website and or Facebook page.

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67 Responses to I feel like a dork!!! Nifty Novelties Day 02, my project…

  1. AvatarJoy McDonald says:

    Wow, amazing quilt! And I love the towel holder – I keep meaning to make some.. I might get around to it one day! Thanks so much for hosting this fun hop! xx

  2. AvatarNicole Sender says:

    Seams to be Sew! Love your pumpkin!

  3. AvatarMaryBeth Little says:

    Entering from Seams to be sew. Your quilt is really terrific. I love scrappy too.

  4. AvatarSusan Spiers says:

    I have a new inspiration to buy novelty prints! Feel better! Entering at Seams To Be Sew! Thank you, Susan

  5. AvatarCarol O says:

    Very nice and thank you for the Pumpkin pattern. And the Nifty Hop!

  6. AvatarBarb K says:

    Entering at Seams To Be Sew–hope you are feeling better soon!

  7. AvatarTheresa says:

    Thank you for the hop. Hope you are feeling better very soon. Your novelty quilt is wonderful.

  8. Hi Marian, that’s a great idea – then the towels actually stay where they are supposed to be!
    Thanks so much for hosting the Nifty Novelties blog hop. I really hope that you will be feeling better soon – and thanks so much for all of the giveaways!

  9. AvatarTeri says:

    Entering at seams to be sew.

  10. AvatarSusan S says:

    I love the pumpkin! I have a friend who uses his hands just that way when he speaks! So funny!

  11. AvatarRonelle says:

    Marian, your log cabin quilt is awesome! Thank you very much for lovely Halloween pumpkin pattern you are sharing with us and for arranging the Nifty Novelties blog hop.
    I’m entering via Seams to be sew.

  12. AvatarNina E says:

    Thanks Marian for the cute pattern. Hope you feeling better!

  13. AvatarLeah says:

    Your large quilt is beautiful! Glad you still have some photos of it. I like your towel holder as well. Great way to use some of those cute novelty fabrics.

  14. AvatarNancy says:

    The novelty quilt is perhaps the prettiest one I’ve ever seen. I’ve wanted to make some towels for the kitchen, looking forward to your pattern when it’s ready.

  15. AvatarOrla V says:

    The quilt is stunning Marian, an the novelty print on the towel topper is so cute. I love the pumpkin emoji – thank you. But more importantly, feel better soon, and take good care of yourself – take some time to breathe.

  16. AvatarKathy L says:

    Thanks for your creativity.

  17. AvatarMichele-Marie says:

    Thank you!
    What a gorgeous Halloween Pumpkin Emoji!
    Definitely makes me smile 🙂

  18. AvatarVivian Oaks says:

    Thanks so much for the cute pumpkin! I appreciate that you always save your patterns as pdf’s. My computer died several days ago and I only have my phone to use. It’s impossible to download tutorials from a webpage using a phone…so Thanks for that! I can still download your patterns!!

  19. AvatarSherry says:

    Thank you for the cute pumpkin! I also really love that novelty print quilt. I would have never thought of that!

  20. AvatarKathleen Scargle McCormick says:

    That quilt is a masterpiece! Sorry this medication is being a nuisance. Hope it does what it is meant to.

  21. AvatarCathy B. says:

    What an epic quilt! I look forward to the kitchen towel tutorial. Entering at Seams to be Sew.

  22. AvatarMs Sam Nicholson says:

    Your novelty quilt s AMAZNG!! Thank you for the pumpkin block!

  23. AvatarRosemary Barron says:

    Seams To Be Sew, Marion …. I love the little pumpkin head and I really like your large novelty quilt … get better!!

  24. AvatarSusan Raymond says:

    Thanks again Marian, Seams to be Sew is one of my favorite blogs. I always appreciate your talent and willingness to share. Such a cute pumpkin!!

  25. Wow, that is a great way to us novelty prints. I love the fact that you can display them all and still create a strong visual design. I do hope you will be feeling better shortly and the brain fog will clear. All the best.

  26. AvatarJanarama says:

    Beautiful novelty quilt. I make towel holders/toppers all the time, but haven’t seen one like your design. Look forward to seeing how you make these. But, of course, take care of yourself first. Hope you’re feeling better very soon. I’m entering on Seams to be Sew blog.

  27. AvatarDebby P in Upstate New York says:

    Entry for seams to be sew blog-
    I loved your all-novelty quilt. Kim sure it took some serious layout time! And thank you for the free pattern!

  28. AvatarJoan says:

    WOW, those are awesome novelty print quilts. Or should I say…that’s a lot of different fabrics. Like any of us have room to talk! LOL!! Love the towels and the pumpkin is just too cute. Hope you get to feeling better soon. You come first, so take care of yourself!

  29. AvatarPatricia says:

    Wow, what a lot of novelties! What a fun quilt!

  30. AvatarMelva Nolan says:

    Seasonal towels are always a nice touch.

  31. AvatarPat says:

    Thanks, Marian, I am really enjoying all the nifty novelty fabrics and inspiration. Feel better soon … <3 Pat

  32. AvatarNancy Chappelle says:

    entering at seams to be sew. So sorry you don’t have that gorgeous quilt any longer 🙁 Tthanks for the awesome pumpkin patttern!

  33. AvatarSherry says:

    Great blog hop. Your quilt is beautiful. and thanks for the inspiration.

  34. AvatarMargaret Handlin says:

    Thanks Marian. Also love Novelty prints..

  35. AvatarNancy says:

    Marian at Seamstobesew.com Thanks for a great towel idea and the darling pumpkin. I like to make towels to add to gifts, and this would be especially cute. Hope the meds get lined out, been there, done that, and it isn’t fun.

  36. AvatarJanice Snell says:

    Is the quilt pattern called Sourdough? Yesterday is the first time I saw it and here it is in your blog. I think this is a wonderful way to use Novelties prints. Thanks for the great idea.

  37. AvatarJanet Parde says:

    Thank you for the pattern! This is a fun hop to follow. You’re novelty log cabin is wonderful! My downfall is batik.

  38. Your quilt is amazing and the towel holder is a great idea.

  39. AvatarSharon Aurora says:

    Thank you for the cute pattern. Your quilt is beautiful.

  40. AvatarDanice says:

    Entered giveaway at Seams To Be Sew. The draft, I have done that before, thinking the post was actually published. What a pretty scrappy quilt.

  41. AvatarDebbie G says:

    Cute pumpkin! Thanks for persisting Marian!

  42. AvatarDiane Oubre says:

    entered at seamstobesew.com

  43. AvatarDebra Rolfe says:

    I am starting to love scrappy quilts. Have even made one.

  44. AvatarSusan the Farm Quilter says:

    Your quilt is beautiful and I never would have guessed that all the fabrics were novelty fabrics (except the black)! I love your towel holder and can’t wait to see your next one.

  45. AvatarChristi says:

    The quilt is wonderful. Great idea for all the novelty fabrics. Yes I am at Seams to be sew.

  46. Hi Marian. I’m so sorry to hear that your new med is still causing you grief. Hopefully you will adjust soon. I always enjoy coming to Seams to be Sew to see what you are up to. I really admire that novelty print quilt (what is the pattern.) and have wondered why you no longer have it. Do try to rest and only do what you need to. Thank you for the sweet pumpkin pattern. 😄 Carol

  47. AvatarJoyceLM says:

    I’m entering at Seams to Be Sew. Your novelty quilt is amazing. Thanks.

  48. AvatarDixie McAdam says:

    Seams To Be Sew, Marian Pena. Lovely novelty print quilt. Thanks for the idea & sorry to hear you are still not 100% – take care! Thanks for all you do.

  49. AvatarJoanne Maner says:

    That is a lot of novelty prints Very nice. Thank you for the pumpkin.

  50. AvatarNancy A says:

    I am so sorry you are still under the weather. I have used novelty prints to make quilts for several of my grandchildren. (I have made quilts for all of them but not all with the novelty prints). I entered at MooseStashQuilting.

  51. AvatarSusan says:

    Thanks, Marian, (whose blog I’m reading) For the close look at your novelty quilt – I’m so sorry you don’t have it any more. It is an amazing project. Thanks also for the Jack o’Lantern. That’s wonderful, with or without the hands. It would make a great seasonal door hanger!

  52. AvatarConnie says:

    The pumpkin is so damn smile contagious! Love your patterns! Thank you yet again…

  53. AvatarJan says:

    So nice to know I’m not the only one that leaves things in draft! Thanks for sharing the cute pumpkin.

  54. AvatarWendy says:

    Seams To Be Sew! Wonderful quilt! Looks like a very time consumimg project.Don’t think I would ever part with it if I made one. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  55. AvatarRobin Klein says:

    I remember when novelty fabrics was the least expensive fabric one could buy. They were set to the side like sale fabrics are now in some stores. This is a fun hop. Do we need to state which blog we are commenting on each time we comment? Now I am commenting on Seams to be Sew. Thanks for the Jack o’ Lantern.

  56. AvatarTherese Bocchino says:

    I also am crazy about Novelty prints! They’re are just fun.
    Don’t think I’ve ever been on your site before but I got an email from Phoebe Moon, so I’m checking it out.

  57. AvatarBecky says:

    I’m looking forward to the tutorial, I love having a towel hanging on the oven.

  58. Such a fun blog hop – thanks for sponsoring it! I love your big quilt full of novelty prints – so amazing!

  59. AvatarJennifer Willard says:

    Entering at Seams to be Sew. Have been following for about a year now. Always love reading her blog.

  60. AvatarLori Morton says:

    Entered at “Seams to be Sew” . Your Quilt is AWESOME!!! So much work too…..it is Gorgeous!! Love your lil’ pumpkin ..thank you for the pattern too…& for chance to win your Give-a-way 😀

  61. AvatarHope Mitchner says:

    I am entering at Seams to be Sew.

  62. AvatarShelley says:

    Thank you Marian. Get well soon!

  63. AvatarNancy D says:

    Great idea! Hope you start feeling better soon!

  64. AvatarLisa says:

    I love novelty stuff – that is a once in a lifetime quilt!

  65. Pingback: Nifty Novelties Starts Today…

  66. AvatarAli says:

    Lovely quilt – great idea for using novelty fabrics!

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