I found a cute QAL today..

Hillside_QALDo you ever get on the web in your browser to do something and end up spending hours because you saw something else over and over again that interested you?

This happens to me more often than I care to admit. However, once in awhile I come upon something I’d like to share and today I found something I thought I’d like to share.

Those who know me, know I do not use cell phones, so Instagram and Twitter are services I don’t even subscribe to. The Hillside Houses Quilt-A-Long that I found today is via Instagram however, although she is also posting the pdfs on her blog for those who don’t want to use those small smart screens. I happened upon this QAL today quite by accident when I clicked on a blog logo for it at someone else’s site.

I love Quilt Alongs, they are like mini blocks of the month, usually starting and finishing within six to eight weeks. If your not careful, they can come along and start and finish before you ever know they were even posted. I try to visit blogs I like every day, but some people like myself don’t blog every day either. I also don’t always find “subscribe” buttons, or ways to follow some blogs and of course it’s just not possible to follow every single blog. Since I don’t use blogger as my platform for my blog, I also don’t get to see all the cool stuff happening over on those blogger blogs easily without an email and I don’t always get those blogger emails subscribers in my email to read about. This is why I wish other bloggers would use something like blogluvin, or feedly, or even Networked Blogs. I have a feedburner logo on my own site, but I have no idea if it even works or not.

Either or, this post isn’t suppose to be a rant.. 🙂 It’s suppose to be about a cool cute little Quilt Along I happened upon today over at Pretty Little Quilts. She’s already into the first 5 blocks, with two more posted to Craftsy today, but there are still five more blocks to go. She is posting the pdfs to Craftsy, and they are free, so that you’ll always have access to them once the QAL is over. So go on over and show her how much you like this QAL by leaving a comment.

Have a great day!!


5 thoughts on “I found a cute QAL today..

  1. Cute houses. Never tried a quilt/sew-along; maybe one day.
    I don’t do Instagram, Twitter or Facebook either but I follow your blog through Feedly.

  2. Hi! You can add blogs to your BlogLovin’ feed even if they don’t have a BlogLovin’ button. Go to your BlogLovin’ feed, hover over your icon at the upper right, scroll down to Edit Blogs I Follow, and add the URL of the blog you want to follow.

    1. I did not know that Myra, but at the same time, that’s just extra work also and I’m not sure I’d always think to do that. I’ll give it a try tho the next time I come across a blog with no ability to keep me updated. 🙂

  3. Don’t you love those little houses? I have downloaded each pattern in the hopes of starting it soon. What size are you going to make?

    I, like you, wish they had the links to follow on every blog. The QALs are so hard to remember if you are not following their blogs.

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