I found a Great Post For Using Invisible Thread…

Kevin Kosbab

As I sit around patiently waiting for Kevin Kosbab’s new Start Applique Craftsy class to drop this class to the sale price of $19.99, I’ve been on my usual hunt to the author’s website to see if they’ve posted the “sale” price notification of their new classes.


Usually at Craftsy, when a class is new, the designer/author of the class gets to offer a giveaway of the class prior to the release and then when the class is released at a reduced price of $19.99. I’ve been waiting and watching for this class to go down in price. I will NOT pay $29.99 for a class that I know eventually will only be $19.99.. I just won’t do it. I’m cheap that way. 

However, getting back to my story for the day, I was visiting Kevin’s blog, looking for that link to the discounted class, and I found this really great article/post on Tips for Using Monofilament thread. This is a must read article, even if you don’t use monofilament thread, their is some good tips here for even setting different brand threads on your machine. After all my years of sewing, even I learned something new, I would bet you might to. 

Kevin does have a $10.00 off link on his class at his blog, but I really want that $20.00 off that I know will eventually come and yes, I’m stingy enough that if I have to wait six months for a half price on the class, I will do it.

You might wonder why I would want to take this class since I already applique. I want to take it because it doesn’t matter how knowledgeable I am about something, I can always learn more, that’s the whole reason I take classes at Craftsy. It’s not always about the author, it’s what they have to offer that intrigues me.

Are you curious if I think their is an author at Craftsy worth more than $19.99? Yes.. but I still paid $19.99 for both of Mimi Dietrich’s classes. She is my all time favorite applique designer. However, she is also the author of one of my favorite books on finishing quilts. I just think she is amazing and I have taken an actual class with her.

As a note, as a Craftsy affiliate, I’m bound to let you know that links used in this post are affiliate links, but, I didn’t write this post to promote the classes, I wrote the post out of frustration over not getting to pay $19.99 yet for a class I want to signup for. 🙂


2 thoughts on “I found a Great Post For Using Invisible Thread…

  1. I’m with you I will wait as well, you know it will officially go on sale at some point and the classes aren’t going to disappear so we wait and sometime wait lol. I figure I’m being fiscally responsible. Thanks for the link to monofilament thread.

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