I know you’ve been wondering….

Simply Sign It-I Want MoreI’d like to thank those of you who’ve written me over the last week… I sometimes forget that ya’ll worry about me. It’s a comfort to know that you care.

So what’s up… I have simply been sewing… That’s right, I have so much sewing to do I needed to take the month of April off just so I could get caught up. This means all patterns due out in April will be released in May and I will double them up so you get April and May together. We did get away last week for a trip to my sisters for Easter which was lovely, but other than that, I have been mainly at my sewing machine trying to get caught up. I will not be doing any Flickr Rewards until May either, but you still need to turn them in by the due dates for the past patterns.

So… here is some catching up news…

So, a few weeks ago, I received the beautiful Simply Sign Me blocks from those who participated. I wish those who had committed to it and then didn’t come thru had come thru, but this is your second chance also to participate… 🙂

These are the blocks I created for everyone else….

Simply Sign Me 01I decided that since I’m an applique quilter, I should really do applique, so I took one of the machines I’ve drawn over the years and redrew it adding needle, thread and spool…

I then played with the text and found a font I liked…

In the end, it took four attempts to find something I really liked and this was what I settled on..

Simply Sign Me 08I tried to create my block so the text flowed like it would if you were doing handwriting. I really wanted as few jumps as possible and because the text is small, you want to try and keep it secured.

Each block features the use of a batik background and a print that has a cracked look about it. I had a 5-inch pack of squares that I’m not even sure how I got and I decided to use those for the backgrounds. I then used alternating threads in two colors to create the applique and the text. I used Aurifil Threads for my blocks.

The back of this block used a tearaway water soluble stabilizer. What’s cool about this stabilizer is that it will tearaway what you don’t need, and when you wash it later, it will then dissolve the stabiliser in your washing machine.

You don’t have to use it just in the hoop either, it’s perfect for using when you have decorative stitches or are using your sewing machine’s own alphabets to stitch out.  It is a slightly medium weight stablizer, but it works beautifully and I would highly recommend you give it a try. I don’t usually buy sheets, as I like to buy rolls, so the above links are to various types.

These are the rest of my blocks….

Would you like one? I have extras, but I’m also willing to do one for you in your choice of colors or fabric (I need some leeway, but give me colors to work with and I’ll do my best)

So as I said earlier, I am greedy, I want more, so for every block ya’ll send me, I will send you one to. Please one block to a person.

Blocks should not cost more than a normal stamp to send, you can even fit them into a normal envelope.

You will receive 100% good quality cotton, (I only buy my fabrics at quilt shops or reputable shops online) Good quality thread, and my own design.

What I need are 4 or 6-inch blocks. 100% good quality cotton, and please
do not pre-wash, instead pre-test.

Would you like to make one of these blocks on your own? I’ve created the pattern to sell it, you can purchase it at my Craftsy shop in machine embroidery format only, if there is interest for a quilt pattern, I will create it, but… the size is so small it would not include the embroidery effects (thus the reason I didn’t create it in the first place).

Want to see what everyone else created?

Here they are:

Aren’t these beautiful.. (sorry I blanked out the cities of each person)

If you’d like to trade a block, even if you don’t want a signature block, (I’ll make easy blocks :)), here and let me know. Personally, I would like signature blocks.

14 thoughts on “I know you’ve been wondering….

  1. I was wondering and then I got really sick and didn’t care about anything for most of the last week. On the mend now, finally! If I have a chance, I will make a block, but I’m still so not with it, it will be a while if I do. I love seeing what everyone made. I wanted to participate, but I knew I’d never get the blocks done in a timely manner and didn’t want to disappoint anyone.

  2. Hello to you! As I’m just resurfacing Marian, I didn’t see this request. Please add my name to those that would like to contribute and send me what you are looking for and I’ll happily join in! I wish you a wonderful day!

  3. Hello, missed this somehow but looks fun! I have some traveling to do but would love to swap! So please send me the info! I am glad everything is good with you! I love your sewing machines they are so cute!

  4. Hi Marian
    Glad you are well and healthy.
    We moved last week, so I don’t even have my sewing room up, so glad you did some sewing to catch up. Sometimes you need to sew, just to relax.
    Love your blocks.

  5. Whew!! I am so happy to hear that you are well. I truly was worried and checked your site daily. The sewing machine blocks are beautiful. Please send me the info and I will design something that would be appropriate. Happy sewing.

  6. I love your block. I can’t wait to receive my block parcel soon, so I can make up my planned project with them. It has been a great project to been a part of. I am glad someone has been sewing during April, not much sewing here but lots of preparation for upcoming sewing.

  7. I’m happy to hear that all is well and that you are taking time for yourself..even if it is catching up on sewing ;).
    Looking forward to seeing what you have for us in May.
    Take care

  8. those sewing machines are wonderful. I would love to trade a block. Can you please give me the information you are looking for.

  9. I am very happy to see your blog post today.But I know you have been busy. I really like your blocks. They are so you!

  10. Thank you for the challenge and the inspiration for a block. If i understand the request, I will construct a 6 (others might do a 4″ block) which in picture and words gives my name,location, date and a summation of me.

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