I Love My Electric Quilt – 10 Tips For Using EQ

EQ Do You EQ BlogI’ve said it many times over, I love Electric Quilt. It is the most amazing software, they offer great support and when I really need them, they have always been their for me, including when I needed a replacement cd, because I didn’t have mine to reinstall EQ with. These are really great people that go well beyond what you’d expect for tech support, a helping and always friendly attitude and getting you so you feel comfortable using the software. They have been around now for 25 amazing years. Only the best softwares in the world can boast that kind of record.

I am my usual late self, for some reason, I just had it in my head that the 10th of the month was tomorrow, even said it on my post yesterday, and then last night Quiltshop Gal was sending me the rafflecopter code and letting us know she would not be online today.. Sadly, her site is down, so it’s just Tina and I today doing lessons for you.

Today, I have 10+ tips for using Electric Quilt that will make drawing just a little bit easier.. This is not a short video, it’s just right around 42 minutes long, but it is packed with tips and techniques that will make it well worth watching.

This video features the following techniques and tips all packed in to 42 minutes.

Jpg versus Png
Keeping order when drawing
Use elipse tool instead of circle tool
Darkening and lightening an image..
Double click to create node
Picture on/off
Change nodes to straight and then back to curve.
Drawing haphazardly, then lining it up
It’s ok to add more nodes when your trying to line things up or get a curve right.
Draw separate shapes first, then break a node to combine shapes
Finding the extra tools and icons for eq
Changing node types
Working with auto fill

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I hope you enjoy and

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4 thoughts on “I Love My Electric Quilt – 10 Tips For Using EQ

  1. Grazie per questa opportunità, mi piacerebbe avere EQ Mini, ma soprattutto grazie per tutto quello che fai per noi. Silvana

  2. Thanks for the many chances to enter. I don’t use Twitter, so that eliminates me on those entries. I would love EQ Mini!

  3. Just so you know, Ginger is my family nickname. That’s why my Pinterest and Instagram use that. If I ever get EQ, I will definitely be haunting your blog fr all these lessons … or paying you an unexpected visit. LOL

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