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It’s not even an oops, I forgot… I blundered and put the wrong bags on the living room couch for my hubby to take to work. I have to tell you the whole story for you to understand why I goofed up so badly. You see, when we lived in Italy, and I learned about the row by row experience, I was lucky enough to have several people send me some row patterns back in 2015. By that time, I was teaching Sarah how to sew, and had created a group of moms who also lived on and around the base who liked to sew. We’d meet at various houses once a week. It was one of the few times that I actually got out and about. It  was an experience I’ve always treasured. With those rows, those moms and I would create table runners and then give them to the gift shop on the base. It was pretty cool as people who made crafty type items could sell there stuff in the shop and the shop took a small commission. We had decided as a group that the table runners money would go to the school library because it was continuously low on supplies for the kids. I learned this when I wanted to get rid of some glue sticks I ordered on Amazon and they were the wrong ones, so I offered them to anyone who wanted them for free, and the school librarian contacted me. Thus… when I left, I left the patterns with the woman so they could continue to carry on the tradition we had already created. To this day, I still send row by row patterns that I collect.

Thus, when we moved home, I looked for a way to help at the bases here. I found I could still do the same thing here, so I have. However, this time, I don’t create rows, instead I create grocery bags. When we lived in Germany, I learned real fast I was going to need “fabric” or vinyl type grocery bags, because in Germany they do not use plastic or paper bags when you buy groceries. Not all shops do this, but the local mom/pop shops did. We had a grocery just below our apartment building along with a Chinese restaurant when we lived in Wuerzburg, and the apartments were right above these places. We were on what I would call the 4th floor, but the elevator classed it as the 3rd floor.  I had to make a bunch of bags to go grocery shopping, so that we could take our goods out of the store in the bags. This is part of there recycling program in Germany. I got in the habit, and when I came home, I did the same thing I just took my bags with me. I now just leave them in the car so I always have bags in the car should we stop at the store.

As I was trying to think about what to do for the gift shop on the base, I realized I could make those grocery bags. I have done this now for just over a year. I mainly use free patterns or my test patterns that I stitch myself. I make about 50 bags per month and give them to the shop to sell. They sell very quickly. Anyway, when I was taking the bags for this month downstairs, I grabbed the wrong pile, and put the ones I’d made for this hop on the top of the couch for Frankie to take and drop them off. I looked everywhere on Tuesday for those bags, not realizing what I’d done until I found the bags that were suppose to go to the shop… Ooops.. So I got busy Tuesday night making some new bags for this hop, but the applique process is the part that takes the longest. I can make one of these bags in about 20 minutes if I put nothing on it. It was around 2am when I realized there was no way I was going to finish. I was waiting patiently for the applique to be done and falling asleep at the machine. I did finish the applique part thinking ok, I’ll write Carol and let her know I’ll be late. I knew when I got up in the morning I’d get that bag done quickly.

So, I got up, and the power was out. :/ I was up by 8am, and no power… I paniced… oh my gosh, what was I going to do now… So, I sat and sat, and sat… no coffee, no breakfast… well ok, I did have some Life cereal and opened the fridge to get some milk and some Pepsi.. I had to have my caffeine fix.. ya know 🙂 Finally around 9am, I remembered I have a cell phone… I’m not someone who uses my cell a lot, but thank goodness it was charged and ready to go. So, I texted and called my friend Joan at MooseStashQuilting. I am lucky enough to have her in my contact list on my cell phone from when we met 3 years ago after we moved here. She contacted Carol for me and let her know my dilemna.

The power finally came on some time around 4:15pm and I got busy sewing. Yep, I finished that bag in about 20 minutes flat. In the meantime, I wrote Carol also and asked if she minded if I just went ahead and posted today and so here I am.. one day late, but here.

Thank you Carol for hosting this hop and understanding about yesterday… WoW… I can’t imagined how I’d been if this had been a row along day.

So, here is my lonely bag.

Halloween Gnome 01This is a picture of it standing.
I put my starch bottle, and my water bottle in it to make you think there are groceries in it … LOL

Halloween Gnome 01Here I thought you might like to see a close up of the gnome pattern I created.

Halloween Gnome 01This allows you to see how the bottom was done, and the bag handles.

Halloween Gnome 01and it’s even lined on the inside.

I do normally make these bags a bit taller, and wider. I personally like a wide handle so I cut a 5-inch strip and then fold it in half and stitch it making it a 2 1/2-inch wide handle.

I use the triangle technique on the bottom of the bag at a 1 1/2-inch point from top of triangle to create the bottom so the bag will stand. I do this prior to adding the lining. I do not do it on the lining.

I have been known to quilt some bags with Insulbrite to create a cold bag mainly for things that need to stay cold, such as ice-cream, butter, etc. Of course, you can also use it for heated things also, but I can never fit those roasted chickens in the bag. When I do this, I use vinyl for my lining usually with a muslin or solid lining fabric to quilt it all together. I use the vinyl so that if something spills, the vinyl will keep the mess on the inside of the bag.

The applique took about 4 hours total.
All done in twenty minutes flat.
I used 100% Aurifil cotton for my bag and the appliqued gnome.

Of course, as usual I am selling the pattern from the bag along with some other cute gnomes to create your own fun projects with.

Halloween Gnome Full Setand individually

and because I like to give away a pattern when you visit me during an event..

Yep, I have a free pattern here for you today

Halloween PeekerClick the image to download
This pattern is free for one week
Expires October 17, 2019
Download Expired

The artwork for the Gnome patterns were inspired by Mujka Designs.

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32 thoughts on “I Was Suppose To Be Yesterday… On The Witchy Stitchy Blog Hop…

  1. Thank you for the pattern. All of them are so cute. I like the bag. Technology is great when it all works correctly.

  2. I love this! A fun bag and they are so helpful to have when you are shopping. Our area is pretty into it, so I try to remember! I do have one in my purse that folds up and is in a bag and that is often a lifesaver.

  3. Thank you so much for the Peeking Gnome – it is so cute!
    Thanks also for all you do organizing as well as participating in numerous incentive blogs for all us quilters.
    Keep up the good work despite all the power/life outages & changes.

  4. Thank you so much. I love Gnomes. Now I have two patterns I have to do and at the moment I cant´s see any time to make it.

  5. You and your husband should write a book- The life of Marion. It would be a bestseller. All the *laces you visited or lived in, your ast jobs, how you started sewing and quilting to women all over the world. All your charity work everywhere you go, you give. You could include todays mistake. I had a very wide grin on my face reading it, not that I was laughing at you but with you. It has ha**ened so many times here in our home .
    Love the Gnome, will be getting the as soon as someone gets *aid. if you’re curious the * = the letter between O-Q.

  6. Well i’m 2 days late in checking out the participants in this hop so I would not have noticed your dilemma. Sorry about what happened but I did enjoy the tale. I love the sweet gnome on your shopping bag. Thanks also for your freebie he is adorable.

  7. Cute Bag! Gnomes aren’t cery Witchy are they? I loke yhem better than witches!
    Thanks for sharing. Sorry you unknowingly sent away the original bags. Hubby’s can be too helpful at times.

  8. Mercy, you did have the perfect storm of events to make you miss your day on the hop!! Your gnome bag is adorable – thank you so much for giving us this pattern!!

  9. this is so adorable. thank you for this little peeking gnome. oh my well this was a story. we all have obstacles to jump over. I am so glad that it all worked out well.

  10. My daughter and I laugh it is always something that goes awry. Thanks for the cute pattern, and love your bags. I carry my grocery bags too, people look at me weird. I like making them from old chicken feed sacks they are a heavy plastic

  11. Hvor fint – tak for dine fine mønstre – altid så fantastiske.
    Du er så dygtig – jeg bliver næsten misundelig, men jeg må øve mig, og du er så god til at give inspiration og vejledning – Tusind tak fra Danmark

  12. Oh, what a day you had, Marian. So glad your power is back on again. I LOVE the bag you made. Thank you very much for the awesome peeking gnome pattern you are sharing with us. It is SO cute.

    1. So happy you like it Ronelle. Apparently, they were doing some roadwork today out on the main road from our neighborhood and this area needed to have the power off for most of the day. It was troubling to me that we didn’t get a notice as the city is supposed to give us a 7-day notice prior to it being done. We never got it, so figure it flew off the door or something.

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