I’m home from vacation and off to the races…

Bertie has come homeIt’s been a very hectic month, but I’m home from visiting my sister and my nieces.

Let me formally introduce you to my newest acquisition. This is Bertie, she loves loves loves her new home with Frank and I. We love her to. She’s got a nice resting spot, her very own little space on the table behind my pc desk.

It’s been a long time coming and I didn’t buy the top of the line machine, I just wanted a good basic, machine with some options to piece, applique and yes, finally quilt on. I also own a Bernina 1230, but because the parts are scattered between Salt Lake City, and San Diego, I chose to just buy a new machine which I ended up getting a fabulous deal on at my Bernina dealer Nuttall’s in Salt Lake City. Good dealers are hard to find, we all know it, but in Nuttall’s, I know I have a good dealer. They’ve been in business for many years, at least thirty years or so, and I’m sure longer than that. I’ve shopped their for years when I lived in Salt Lake City, and their hasn’t been a visit home that I haven’t dropped in to the shop. While I’d never purchased a machine from them before, it was pretty easy to decide to do so, since I’ve always received great service at this shop. I’ve had machines repaired at their shop with no issues and yes, they have cleaned my 1230 for me without ever asking if they were my dealer.

Most of you who have followed me know that I wasn’t fond of my Viking Designer 1, and when I put the embroidery unit on a month ago only to realize that the calibration was off, I realized I’d had it with this machine, it’s just one thing after another and no local source to really fix the problems. At least here in Sicily, their is a Bernina dealer and they aren’t to far away should I need to stop in.

The one thing I can say about my 1230 and I absolutely love my 1230, and have no intention at the moment of saying goodbye, is that owning it made me a better seamstress, quilter, and overall sewist. I had owned an old Singer prior to that from the 60’s, the type with the cams. It did it’s job, but you could tell that the stitches it created weren’t properly done. The first time I stitched on my 1230, I knew I’d made a good choice.

This is the reason that when I decided a few months ago to buy a new sewing machine for quilting, that the only machine brand I was going to trust was Bernina. So, while I will have to replace some feet because the newer models don’t take the feet of the older ones, I do not mind so much. I will keep my 1230 for those other sewing things I did, but don’t do at the moment and stick strictly to quilting with this machine, thus I’ll save a bit of money buying feet. I did purchase the quilting kit since it seems to contain most of the needed items, but it doesn’t have the open toe foot, so of course that was one of my first purchases along with some extra bobbins.

I caught up with all my email today, and will now concentrate on working on the summer BOM I hope to introduce, and a little project I can’t talk about at the moment, and then of course I am working on my row for the EQ Seasons RAL coming in September. This is a big deal for me since I’m hosting this as my first quilt along, so I am hopeful I have learned from the other hops and such I’ve done what is needed to host one of these events.

I can’t wait for you all to see some of the rows that are being created for the Row Along, it’s going to be magical. Really.. :0)

So, I’ll cya all soon, Hugs!!



6 thoughts on “I’m home from vacation and off to the races…

  1. Welcome Bertie!!! How exciting to have a new member in the family! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with the Row-A-Long, Marian. It’s going to be such fun!

  2. Awesome looking machine! I have a Bernina also, but just a regular sewing one. I really enjoy using it. I did have a Bernina 1130, but I absolutely worked her to death. I used her for almost 26 years, sewing 12 to 15 hours a day. I really miss that machine.

    1. Wow, you really did work that machine to death to have it that long. My 1230 is over twenty years old now, I think I bought it in around 1992 or so. It’s past it’s warranty either way. When I stitched on it I to stitched all day long for the most part and taught quilting classes to boot with it, so she got alot of use in the first ten years that I had her and stitched regularly on her. Then… I moved to Germany… and got the idea to learn machine embroidery. 🙂 Mine is just the regular machine also this time to, no embroidery unit, it does offer the BSR and that’s the reason I actually chose that model. I wanted the lowest machine # possible that allowed BSR. That is the 530, and the red is the swiss edition of the machine, but the only difference between the 530 and the 530 swiss is the red on the machine. I got a great deal on the Swiss edition, so I made a few payments that Nuttall’s let me do and then picked it up and brought it home as a 2nd bag (free that way) on the plane. I would have had to pay 200.00 if it was a third bag.

    1. me to Carol, I’m so happy to be back to Bernina, I should never have left, but I bought the Designer 1 more for it’s embroidery capabilities and in the end, used it as a sewing machine more than for embroidery. When the backstitch button stopped working a few months ago, I decided I’d had it with all the problems the machine was causing me and thus I called Jennifer at Nuttall’s and asked about Berninas.

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