Inspired LED and Purple Daisies Give Aways for the Christmas Caroling Row Along

Christmas Caroling Row AlongI have been having a hard time these last few days. My mind on family and friends in Texas who are dealing with the effects of Hurricane Harvey, and the flooding that’s happening from all the rain. I feel selfish in a way offering giveaways for this event when I know my friends may have to replace many things not only in there sewing rooms but in there homes. As a child, I can remember when my parents basement flooded because the canal gates weren’t turned off. This happened back in the 1970’s and I remember being about eleven or twelve years old at the time. My brother slept downstairs and I can still remember my mothers screams and my father rushing down the stairs to get him out of the rising water. After the flooding, I can still remember the dryer floating in the basement, and the beautiful upright piano just ruined by the water. It was a difficult time for a bit after that and the cleanup took forever. My parents moved out of that home about a year after the flood, I was about to enter the 7th grade when we moved to the newer home. I truly know the devastation water causes and it just makes me sad that so many people have to go thru this tough time.

As I said, it gives me pause, I read a post this morning at While She Naps a blog maintained by Abby Glassenberg about crafters and charities. There are many things about the post that I agree with and many comments that I also agree with. While I know that money is probably the #1 thing that charities need, I also understand the need sometimes for specific items that charities need. I’ve been trying to think how I can help my friends in Texas, and it occurred to me that I could use this event to possibly help. Perhaps you would want to do so also. I can’t tell you to give, nor do I want to, but possibly when we start and your downloading patterns or if you win something, perhaps consider giving a donation to one of your favorite charities using her recommended Charity Navigator site. A site that helps people know which charities are doing the best job of helping others. Even $10.00 helps a charity, so please give it some thought as you receive these beautiful products donated by the sponsors and download the patterns by the various bloggers who generously gave a great deal of time to create them. The patterns and the giveaways are free, but by even downloading all 44 patterns you are gaining patterns that might cost you nearly 400 to 500 dollars otherwise. Their is no need to provide proof of a donation, I just ask you to remember that it could be you, me, or anyone you know that is also in this situation. Helping whether you make something or just by offering a few dollars helps people rebuild and reunite.

So, lets get on with today’s sponsors, and I do apologize for taking some time this morning to talk about this subject, I just wanted to reflect on where my thoughts have been these last few days.

Inspired LEDInspired LED is a lighting company, much like Ottlite is in that they both offer lighting solutions.

Inspired LED makes a light that we can attach to our sewing machines that adds a lot more lighting to our machines than what we get with standard lighting solutions. Even built in lighting still gives shadows, and depending on where you attach this on your machine you will get a much better overall appearance of light to the machine.

Purple Daisies is a company owned by Sharon Schamber and Cristy Fincher. They are dedicated to bringing machine embroidery designs to the quilting community. They offer many designs especially for quilting on the embroidery machine, but they also offer tutorials and lessons on working with specialty techniques for you to quilt in your hoop. They also have many wonderful tutorials on Youtube that you can watch to also learn invaluable techniques. This is how I first discovered Purple Daisies. They have also been featured on The Quilt Show several times.

I hope that by asking the question yesterday on my blog how many of you own embroidery machines that I didn’t ruffle any feathers… I don’t expect quilters to own embroidery machines, as I know most of us really just use basic machines to get by on. I certainly myself can’t afford todays top of the line machines either. While I’ve usually purchased new machines, my newest embroidery machine is actually a used machine and I’m cool with that. The only reason I purchased this machine tho was so that I could do some sewing while I was waiting for our stuff to get here last year and that took much longer than anticipated, so it came in really handy to be able to sew while I waited.

I did love reading your responses tho, whether it was here in the comments, or on Facebook, it’s fun to know where each of you are in your quilting spaces.

Purple Daisies is offering a dvd for Quilt As You Go with designs and instruction on how to do this technique in the hoop.


Embroidered Quilt As You GoIt comes with everything you need to create and complete your first project.
Value $30.00

From Inspired LED 

Sewing Machine LED Lighting Kit

These are easy and quick to install. The kits come with the directions and you can even find a video on Youtube on how to install them if you prefer to watch via a video.

The first time I read about these kits was on Amy Warner’s blog at Sew Incredibly Crazy. It was during a blog hop I was participating in and I remember being fascinated. So I purchased a kit and tried it out. While I do like my other light also, I love this lighting kit because it is easy to install, has stayed in place on my machines for nearly two years now and provides wonderful lighting for when you are piecing and quilting. I have these on all four of my sewing machines.

Inspired LED has sent me 10 wonderful sewing machine LED light kits.

Value $30.00 each Total Value $300.00

Tomorrow, I will feature Ackfeld Manufacturing, Daydreams of Quilts,
and Clover Needlecraft, Inc.

The Christmas Caroling Row Along starts one week from today.

Marry Christmas From Seams To Be Sew

12 thoughts on “Inspired LED and Purple Daisies Give Aways for the Christmas Caroling Row Along

  1. I need light for my sewing. Lamps just don’t illuminate right over my pieces. The LED light looks like just the solution. What I find great about these wonderful sponsors is that I have not heard of some of them. They are getting their names and products seen by so many.

  2. You never cease to amaze me with your commitment to our quilting community, so stepping it up a bit to help out our neighbors in Texas is so special! Great ideas on just to help our friends in need. Thanks for the long hours you put in for all of us!

  3. Those are two more wonderful companies with very desirable products. Thank you and thanks to them for their donations to us. I am glad you posted what your thoughts are. In this kind of disaster, there are so many needs, and knowing which one is most effective is difficult. However, as you said, all the charities are involved in helping right now and they need dollars more than anything, I suspect. Thanks for the thoughts you shared.

  4. I had heard of those LED lights, that is awesome! I’m not sure I would know what to do with actual light to see something better. lol
    Thank you for all this!

  5. Yes, prayers can be a strong help in times of stress & need, but really, wouldn’t financial assistance help in the immediate circumstances???
    There will be so many needs in this horrifying time – amid which blankets and clothing would be an immediate need.
    With love from Australia xoxox

  6. All the people in the Texas floods do need our prayers as well as anyone else who is experiencing bad times! If we all help a little with whatever we can it definitely will help to get them back on their feet. Prayers for all!!

  7. What wonderful prizes! My prayers are with all of our continent today, as all the wildfires burn and Texas floods. It would be so wonderful if some of that water was able to put out some of the fires, but I know that is not possible. Take care everyone!

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