Introducing The Sponsors For Once Upon A Story RAL…

This is the one event each year where I try very hard to cover each blogger/designer with a giveaway from one of the wonderful companies I’ve been priveleged to work with over these last five years on my blog. Some of these companies have participated in every event I’ve offered, while others have participated in every row along. I’m always looking for new companies, but to be honest, I love working with companies whose products I do use. With that said, these are this year’s companies who are sponsoring wonderful giveaways for you to enjoy and use yourself even after the Once Upon A Story Row Along becomes part of history…

Special Thank You’s to Northcott Fabrics for providing up to a yard of fabric to each of the blogger/designers. They have done this every year of the row along with the exception of one and that’s only because I didn’t ask them to. However, they have provided a giveaway for every year of the row along.

Each companies giveaway is described in this post below, go have a look, I know you want to see the goodies coming to you when you enter the giveaways at each designers post on her featured day.

In all cases on this post, clicking the image will open to a website, a product, or a larger image to see more detail of the prize.

Ten bundles of 4 fat quarters each.
These vary from there Banyon Batiks line to all of there other fabric lines, I was drooling literally when I saw them.
Total Value $180.00
Shipping Is International,
Winners will pay for First Class shipping costs.


Electric Quilt

Electric Quilt1 Copy via Digital Download of EQ8
it’s the software I use to create my patterns and I love Electric Quilt.
Value $239.95


The Fat Quarter Shop2 Gift Certificates at $35.00 each
Codes provided in Email To Winners
Total Value $70.00


From My Carolina HomeFrom My Carolina Home
Two samples of Quilter’s Dream Batting in Dream Green and Dream Wool (size is enough for a candle mat),
1 Quilter’s Dream Sample Card,
1 spool of Aurifil Thread,
1 Olfa Circle Cutter
2 issues of Carolina Comfort, (a booklet of patterns from our Western NC Shop Hop)
1 Scrap Dance Pattern of Winner’s Choice
Total Value $45.00
Shipping Is International / Carole will be shipping this to the winner.


Linda B Creative
3 Beautiful Patterns
Linda is an amazing artist who does some wonderful thread sketching techniques on her sewing machine. These patterns are designed to help you better learn how to do this for yourself.

Falling in Love with Thread Sketching & Painting Value $10.00
Sew Very Sketchy Pumpkin Table Runner Value $10.00
Sew Very Sketchy Sewing Essentials Wall Hanging Value $15.00
Total Value $35.00
TBD on Shipping


Paula Gilmore
3 of her Patchwork Partner Books
Total Value $90.00

Paula Gilmore's Patchwork Partner============Inspired LED10 LED Sewing Machine Lights
You know how much I love these lights, they are on every single one of my sewing machines.
Total Value $300.00, (Each lighting kit has a value of $30.00)
For Your Convenience I am adding an installation video here, you will also receive a link to the video in your email when you win this awesome prize. I will also update this on my tutorial page for this product.
Shipping Is International,
(however, Euro users may need a converter switch adapter for plugging it in, the power supply itself is 110/240)
Winners will pay for shipping costs.

Sewing Machine LED Lighting Kit============Hobbs1 Queen Size 96×108 Tuscan Supreme 100% Unbleached Cotton Batt.
Please read about it here
Value $40.00
Shipping Is International – Shipped from Hobbs Batting

Hobbs Tuscan Queen Size Batting============

June Tailor1 Quilt As You Go Inspirational Mug Mats – Teacher’s Pet
I’ve got to admit, these are dang cool. A great way to not only get a project done quickly, but invaluable to people learning paper piecing also because it really gives you a good way to learn the stitch and flip method that paper piecing (foundation piecing) uses in it’s technique.
Total Value $11.69
Shipping Is International,
Winners will pay for shipping costs.June Tailor QAYG Mat============

Anita Goodesign5 Machine Embroidery Collections
While I do not have many of these collections for myself, I absolutely love Anita Goodesign designs. They stitch out beautifully and there project books are well written.

These are not small collections, each of these comes with a book that features projects and different options and techniques to create stunning projects.
Each of these books and the accompanying cd/dvd come in a vinyl holder for you to keep your book in good condition with.
1 each
Modular Medallions Value $99.95
Christmas Blocks and Borders Value $179.95
Stitchin’ in the Kitchen Value $250.00
Bargellissimo Value $179.95
Flowers 1, 2, 3 Value $179.95
Total Value $889.80
Shipping Is International,
Winners will pay for shipping costs.
Priority Mail shipping will be used for USA winners,
these are heavy items and do not weigh in at first class weights.

You must own an embroidery machine or a sewing machine with an embroidery arm to use the following prizes. All formats are included on the cd/dvds.

============Aurifil2 Mini Collection Sets
Click the images below to see the colors in these great collections.
Darlene Zimmerman Watercolors Value $50.00
Peacock Collection Value $50.00

  • Total Value $100.00
    Shipping is International and Shipped via Aurifil – Italy or USA
    depending on Winners address.

============C&T Publishing1 Gift Certificate with a Total Value of $100.00
Would I kill for this one??? TBD :p Who wouldn’t tho,
Imagine getting to pick which books you want to buy and
then having a gift certificate to pay for them.
Gift Certificate Code will be delivered via Email

As Always, All Giveaways Have Some Rules
Please take the time to read them.

  • Rules and guidelines are also listed on the Rafflecopter window of each blog’s giveaway entry on there featured days post.
  • Giveaways offered by sponsors are assigned to the various blogger/designers for their featured day.
  • There are no prior announcements on who is doing which sponsor except to the sponsor and blogger/designers themselves.
  • You’ll have to visit the blog or the featured blog to enter the giveaways.
  • All giveaways can also be entered at Seams To Be Sew. You must have commented at each of the blogs post to enter at Seams To Be Sew, Winners who win from entering at Seams To Be Sew will be checked for the comment. When you enter a give away that asks you to answer the question asked on the entry form, you do need to fill in that box. No answer means your winning entry will be ignored and cancelled.
  • You are only allowed to enter once at each of the featured day sites. Giveaways are different at each site, thus you can enter those giveaways. On the Electric Quilt giveaway, you can enter once each day of the row along, new sites to click on are assigned to this giveaway you need to visit each site to be credited for the entry.
  • I will start announcing winners on September 10, 2019, and finish announcing winners on October 13, 2019
  • You must give a valid email address when you enter the giveaways, any email returned to me, loses the ability to win automatically.
  • All giveaways run for 1 week with the exception of the Electric Quilt giveaway which runs the full course of the event.
  • You are given 3 days to answer the email, if you do not answer within 3 days a new winner will be drawn. Check those spam/junk mail folders, you may miss that winning email if you don’t do so because there are no exceptions to this rule.
  • If you are notified that you are a winner, in all cases except for the Fat Quartershop, and C&T Publishing winners, you will need to provide your name, address, city, state, zip code, country, telephone number, and email address.
  • No purchase whatsoever is necessary.
  • You must be 18+ in order to win a gift.
  • You are responsible for claiming and paying any tax owed on the value of any gift that you win. Prizes valued at $500.00 should be claimed.
  • All winners are chosen at random.
  • All winners will be announced on the blogs via the Rafflecopter entry form and/or post by the blogger at the site where they won and here at Seams To Be Sew. All winners must allow for their first name and first initial of their last name to be announced on this blog.
  • Odds of Winning a prize are based on a total number of rafflecopter entries during each week and in total for all giveaways.
  • This giveaway is void where prohibited by law.
  • Participating bloggers/designers may enter any of the giveaways.
  • The word giveaways in the rules and guidelines are also known as sweepstakes.

Additional Notes About Giveaways From Our Sponsors

  • I am not rich and I do not ask sponsors for money, they provide prizes only.
  • If they shipped the prize to me, you will be asked to pay for shipping.
  • All giveaways will be shipped that are in my home on each Saturday of the event.
  • An invoice will be sent to you via Paypal, and shipping will take place via Paypal, so your Paypal email will be needed to send the invoice. You will receive a tracking number except for overseas shipments. Depending on the weight of the prize, first class is always my first choice, but priority mail will be done where needed. Paypal fees are added to that amount to cover that fee.
  • Please note, every effort is made to protect the prizes. They go into a plastic bin when I receive them, and it is covered by an airtight cover. I have a dog in my home and I have a smoker in my home, so I do everything possible to protect the prizes.
  • Most companies are very good about getting prizes off to customers quickly also, but some companies are overseas, so please allow all sponsors a 2-week time period before you report to me that you still haven’t received your prize. When the company is overseas, it can take 6 weeks to 90 days for an item to also arrive.

Whether or not you read the above, the rules for giveaways are in place to protect everyone. I do not want to hear you didn’t read them, they will be posted on my blog daily during each featured day. There is no excuse for not reading them.

Thank the sponsor by buying their products for the giveaways. This helps them continue to offer great prizes for these types of events. You can also comment on their social media pages. Even if you don’t win, letting them know you love their products is a huge incentive and they really do love hearing from you.

A Huge Thank YOU to these companies for once again participating as a sponsor for giveaways in the row along this year. I am so honored when you say yes.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!!!

stbs-2018 sig

I am an affiliate of the above companies when you click one of these links and purchase something, I earn a little bit of a commission with it. I use this money to help maintain my website and offer my free patterns to you. Every little bit helps, thank you so much for clicking and for your support. I don’t just offer up these brands to you I actually use their products and shop at these places. I would never partner with someone whose products I didn’t use.

Please remember it takes 2 minutes to comment, please say Thank You, whether you downloaded a free pattern, read a tutorial, or just learned something new.  It takes time for people to write a post, take pictures, make a project or even write a pattern.
Let them know you appreciate it.

If your comment doesn’t show up after you post it, it’s most likely gone to the spam folder. I will see it and approve it, unfortunately, it just means something about your email address caught my spam filter’s eye. 



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  1. First timer- so excited to get going🤗love the rhyme I had a little nut “. Thank you and all of the sponsors for taking time to plan this and generously provide gifts to win

  2. Che meraviglia!!!! Beato a chi ne potrà godere…. parteciperò alla fila ma non agli sponsor…sono in Italia e non arriverebbero. Grazie comunque a tutti di tutto

  3. Another great Hop to look forward to with great giveaways by awesome sponsors. Their participation attests to your great organization and ability to draw both participants and readers. Thanks for all your hard work.

  4. OMG 😮 that’s an impressive line up of sponsors. The bloggers, you and the sponsors deserve a huge round of applause for this QAL.

  5. Wow, just, Wow!! That is a ton of giveaways. What an amazing collection of sponsors! And thank you for organizing such an amazing RAL for all of us! I have enjoyed some of your past events and am so looking forward to this one.

  6. I am amazed at the bounty offered as prizes during this sew a long. Thank you Marian for the many opportunities you provide to us, and for the sponsors who participate with you

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