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stbs-Opposites_AttractToday is my day on the Opposites Attract Blog Hop. I’ve really enjoyed seeing the various blogs participating and have really enjoyed all the projects the bloggers have come up with. Doing limited colors has always been difficult for me, I am so use to working with many many colors in my quilts that when it comes to limiting my color range, I just seem to get lost…

So when doing this blog hop, I really had to think about what I could do, and it went round and round in my mind, I’d get one idea, and try to implement it, and I would end up with more colors than I was to have.

I’d then move on to another idea, and same thing, I’d get bogged down again in many colors.

Before I knew it, we were creeping up on the deadline and I knew I had to get my project done, because this week for me is unbelievably a busy one. So I needed to get an idea and I needed to get one fast. That night on our door when my Frankie came home, their was a notice that they’d be doing yearly inspections this week.. Another reason I have had a busy week to boot, this is something they do twice a year, checking the fire alarms, and changing out filters, etc.. It’s a mandatory you must be home thing, someone has to be here, and even tho I’m usually home, it’s the one time of the year I wish I weren’t going to be home. hehehe.. You know what it means, you have to clean your house, and while I try to keep my home clean, I’m not super maniacal about it either.

When we were cleaning the kitchen last week, it finally hit me what I could do.. and so today, I’m sharing with you my little project.

I made hot pads. I really really need some new ones, mine are old, greasy, yucky.. so I decided to replace those with new ones. I had a new package of Insul-Bright, and a package of cotton batting from The Warm Company, and I knew exactly what I was going to do.

Kitchen Hotpads-All Of ThemI designed 5 new hot pads

and decided that Silhouettes don’t have to be stuck in Black and White.

Why not color a silhouette. I love silhouettes, I think they are amazing, but I don’t think they always have to be in Black and White.

Kitchen Hotpads-Cupcake and Chefs HatThe Chef’s Hat, and the Cupcake

Kitchen Hotpads-I Love CoffeeOf course, I need one for Coffee, as it’s a staple in my kitchen.. with 1 Kuerig, and 1 normal Mr. Coffee, I use both of them daily, so having a hotpad, just makes sense.

Kitchen Hotpads-UtensilsAnd what kitchen is a kitchen if it doesn’t have any Utensils.

For the most part, I only used 2 different colors for each hotpad, with the exception of the Cupcake which as three colors, if you want to include thread, the coffee hotpad uses different thread colors.

The back of my Hotpads always have a sleeve for me to put my hand in.

Kitchen Hotpads-BackMy rotary cutter makes a nice substitute for a hand, doncha think?

I thought I’d offer you a few tips I’ve come across in the many years of making heated items.

It is best to use natural fabrics and threads, such as 100% cotton.

What’s the saying, Hot stays Hot, Cold stays Cold..

I do use Insul-Brite if I know I’m not going to use them in the Microwave, and Insul-Brite does use a bit of polyester in it’s processing of the fabric, but I really love the product, the feel, and the use of it, so since having switched I stick with using it. When I use it, I surround it with a thin layer of cotton batting. I like to use The Warm Company’s cotton batting, because it’s “pressed” and it’s thin. I don’t use this batting for my quilts, but it’s great for heated items, or even something like a basket with a cloth that you’d put some rolls in to keep warm.

I use cotton thread also. No polyester, or rayon threads.

The above hotpad designs were stitched in my machine embroidery hoop, but the hotpad was stitched on my sewing machine. I like the control better that you get with creating things versus the ITH projects we normally see.

I like to use a 1/4 to 1/2-inch binding, and I just stitch it closed for my hangars. I tend to put them on a corner, because I prefer this over having a potholder hang straight.

So, today as a little giftie for visiting my post, if you have an embroidery machine, I’m offering the designs to you free of charge. They will come with the quilting design, and with the design itself with no quilting stitch.

You can download them here on Payhip.

They all use a 6×10 hoop, so if you don’t have a 6×10 hoop, they will be of no use to you.

At some point I may make a quilt pattern for these, but for now, I have not done that.

If you have been enjoying my daily gift during this hop tho, I’m going to offer the last ten patterns over the next ten weeks, starting June 15 and running until August 17, 2016. They will be available for one day only every wednesday starting next week.

Perfect Pairs Block Of The Week-small

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Don’t forget the Macaroni and Cheese pattern is on the main post today here.

The artwork that I used to create my designs today is from

Graphic Stock

I hope you have a fabulous day,



20 thoughts on “It’s a Beautiful Day For Opposites Today…

  1. Oh, another reason to love Wednesdays! Your hot pads are the perfect project. I really loved seeing the designs – almost enough to make me go buy an embroidery machine, but not quite!

  2. The potholders turned out darling…thanks for sharing the embroidery files…will look forward to making a few myself!

  3. wow your pot holders are wonderful. love the colors. I like my little hooks in the corner as well. I have not made one with a pocket, will have to try this. this looks like a fabulous idea. thanks for this hop, it has been fun

  4. Silhouettes certainly don’t have to be black and white. And you’ve proven that with your gorgeous hot pad! They’re all beautiful and cannot decide which one is my favorite. I really like the sleeves you’ve added. I’ll keep that trick in mind. 🙂

  5. Very cute pot holders and of course you always extra generous with you designs. Thank you Thank you Thank you

  6. Great pot holders Marian!! Something we always need… at least I know I do.. I am forever losing mine! LOL. Thank you for another great hop, I really do enjoy them!

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