It’s Christmas In July At Seams To Be Sew…

Christmas Then And NowIt’s Christmas In July today at Seams To Be Sew… I have been working on this project for some time, but at the same time, I’d put it away and forget about it since it was all on the desktop anyway I could always go back to work on it.

My project is going to be a small lap quilt for Christmas time… probably a gift but I am really loving it so I may keep it for myself also…

I started out with a drawing of a simple square quilt in Electric Quilt. I then started drawing Continuous Line designs and playing with them to add some more lines than what you’d see in basic designs. Some are simple, some a little more advanced, in all the quilt needs 81 total quilt designs as I am doing each square with an individual design…

This is the original design I started with Electric Quilt

stbs 2020 Christmas In July origThis gave me the basics of what I wanted to do so that as I stitched out my designs I could lay them in order of how they lay in the quilt.

I didn’t finish, but this is how it is looking thus far

stbs 2020 Christmas In JulyEach square is its own Continuous Line design and the black lines down the middle are supposed to give a stained glass effect.

The quilt designs are all stitched using Free Motion on my Bernina.
I did not use my embroidery machine whatsoever with this quilt.
I am doing this in a quilt as you go technique.

All of the fabrics are from Hoffman
Thread used was 50 wt Aurifil colors, green, gold, black, and white.
Cotton Batting From Hobbs Batting
The green squares are quilted with the gold thread
The red squares with the white thread
The goldish/tan squares are stitched with the green thread
and the Poinsettia fabric is stitched with the black thread.

I had hoped to finish this by this hop but just ran out of time, at the same time, I am excited to get it finished so will continue working on it till it’s done now that it’s almost 1/4 done.

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25 thoughts on “It’s Christmas In July At Seams To Be Sew…

  1. What an ambitious project. It’s a lot of work to do each block in a different quilting design. I’m sure it’s going to be wonderful and impressive when you get it done.

  2. What a cute project, Marian. Isn’t it a bummer when you like something so much that you want to keep it even if it was intended as a gift. Oh, dear, I guess that means I get to make more!

  3. This will be such a lovely Christmas present to either you or a friend. Like the stained glass effect.

  4. Wow, your free motion skills are awesome! You got a good start going, and I hope you get time to finish it for this Christmas.

  5. this is a wonderful start. so pretty. cant wait to see it finished. thanks for sharing today.

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