It’s Cool To Be Square…

Its Cool To Be Square Logo.So today is my featured day on another fun bloghop hosted by Carol at Just Let Me Quilt She always comes up with fun ways for me to challenge myself.

Today for you, I have squares in squares… but not your average squares… 🙂

Come Inside and have a look…

DSCN3199 mediumI made some fun little boxes. These are pretty tiny and are just what I wanted for my bathroom. They are fun to put little soaps in, my eyeglass cleaners that come in a little package, oils, or even just some potpourri…

DSCN3200 mediumYou’ve seen these boxes before on many other blogs, This pattern is mainly just a conglomeration of ideas from those blogs and I’ve added my own thing to the patterns.

As a for instance, many patterns have you finish them off by tucking the triangle corner inside the box, or tacking it down on the inside, some of buttons to close them (call me lazy I didn’t want to put buttons on mine, I wanted these kinda cutesy, so I used bows today)….

DSCN3184 mediumThis is how it finishes off before it’s tied together on the corners.
I called it squares in squares because the quilting is all squares, and the box finishes as a square, of course you also start with squares, so the only shape that isn’t a square is the circular buttonholes.. LOL

Instead of binding this, I finished it with a zigzag stitch. I did this because I am trying to improve my satin stitch by sewing machine technique and getting it perfected for a project I’m planning soon. These baskets aren’t really ever going to be washed or washed too often, so I’m not concerned about the zigzag stitch getting worn out in the wash. I used a stabilizer in between the 3 layers to help give the zigzag stitch some support.

I flattened the square by starching it, pressing it, then giving a little press to where the boxes will fold to make it easier for them to stand up on there own and for me to turn the corners out with the ribbon.

If you’d like a full tutorial I’ll post it, but as I said, this was done with just a conglomeration of ideas from many blogs on the web that have done these boxes so it’s pretty easy to find these boxes.

Today on the Blog Hop Are…

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I will release Sue/Sam In Oregon tomorrow on the blog, so be sure to come back for your free pattern.

I am keeping it a short post today I hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday.

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27 thoughts on “It’s Cool To Be Square…

  1. Cute little boxes…need to do something like that except a tad higher for somethings I keep on my bureau but are too wobble on the little plates I use now. Thanks for the inspiration

  2. Thanks for sharing what you did with your square project. I have wanted to make these for a while now. Guess I will have to make them myself.

  3. So cute and perfect for this blog. I was pleasantly pleased to see a different sort of project. Very cool.

  4. oh i adore your little boxes. especially the ties. I would love a pattern if you get enough people that makes it worth the while to write it all out. thank you so much for sharing and inspiring.

  5. Marian, love those little square baskets! You have been busy making adorable things.

    I also wanted to thank you for the Garden Party Row-along coming up soon. My pattern is ready, but I want to photograph the whole row as part of the pattern, and it is not quite done.

  6. Those are really cute. Great round button holes too. I bet you used your embroidery machine for them. They look awesome!

    1. Actually I didn’t make these at all on my embroidery machine, the buttonholes were done in my Bernina butthole foot… Bernina does the best buttonhole ever… 🙂

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