It’s My Birthday and We’re Not Having A Party… But!!! :p~

DJ Inkers KangarooWe all look forward to our birthdays until we get a certain age, and then boom, we just wish it would not happen, or perhaps it’s that reminder that we are just getting b+older 🙂 …

My dad when he turned 40, started counting backwards at each of his birthdays.. He wasn’t what I’d call a vain man either, but for some reason if you asked him his age, he’d always tell you what his age was by subtracting his age from the number 40.. He didn’t make it to be 80 years old so that he could say he was 0, but it just reminds me how young we all really are and at 56 this year,  I really don’t feel like I am 56.

Today, I’ll just reflect and remember that my life has been good, I’m lucky to be married to a wonderful man who has put up with me for 32 years now and that’s even longer than my own parents were married for. I have my family and Franks family, and I’ve made some amazing friends here just by blogging. What else could I ask for? Not much… but today I have a few things for you… 

Last year at this time, I had a giveaway offered by DJ Inkers for ya’ll, they gave away an amazing cd of their artwork and this year they are doing it again with their Holidays Around The World CD.. It’s an oldie, but a goodie.. 

You don’t have to do anything but signup for their newsletter or Like their Facebook page to enter the giveaway…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Just for fun, I’ve made up this mugrug pattern for you to download freely and enjoy to see the wonderful artwork that DJ Inkers creates, This kangaroo mugrug is from the Australian pack in the Holidays Around The World CD.

DJ Inkers Kangaroo

Isn’t that just the cutest, and even better, DJ Inkers is starting their annual 12 Holly Daze Annual Sale tomorrow December 1 to December 12, 2016. They always have some great freebees during this time and some awesome sales. 

This freebee will remain free on my blog until December 12, and then it will go up for sale.
You can purchase the cutting files and embroidery files at my shop on Craftsy and Payhip for a price break until the pattern is fully released and then the pattern will go to it’s normal pricing.

and as a just for fun, another giveaway, to remind us of the season to come, one I hope you all can enjoy.

Shown in two colorways, they are still the same pattern.

Originally this was created in 2013 for Club EQ

Artwork for this pattern is from Country Life Graphics

Today I offer this pattern to you in pdf format and the svg cutting files.

It is available today only, my birthday for those of you who visited this page.

Tomorrow, it goes up for sale.

If your having problems figuring out how to download.. Hint: Click the Images

and if that isn’t enough for you, I’ve updated the Row By Row Download Links page for 2016.. Here is the new page..

Marry Christmas From Seams To Be Sew

21 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday and We’re Not Having A Party… But!!! :p~

  1. I and my friends have been trying to download O Holy Night since it was released and all we keep getting is Aussie the Christmas Kangaroo. What are we doing wrong?

    1. Sadly, noone mentioned that the Craftsy image link for Oh Holy Night took them to the kangaroo page. You are the first to mention it, and it’s odd that it did that as I am usually pretty good about checking links before a release. However, the payhip linked worked fine to download Oh Holy Night and that’s where you perhaps should have tried downloading it at. You’ve waited to long now to tell me, I removed the free pattern links on Friday morning a full 24 hours longer than they should have been free for.

      I wish you would have written before now, as you said you’d been trying to download it since it was released, I really wish you’d written sooner about the bad link.

  2. Happy Belated birthday! Thanks so much for these blocks and especially the svg files for Oh Holy Night!! Do you already have snow for the holidays?

  3. Happy birthday. Hope it was a very special one. thanks for all the art work you pass on I really look forward to the 12 days of christmas

  4. Happy Birthday, you youngster. I thoroughly enjoyed turning 56 and from my perspective every year keeps getting better and better. Wish I lived closer as I’d love to take you out for lunch in old town Springs area. Would be fun. But hopefully we can do so when you come visit my area one day.


  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARIAN!! I hope you had a wonderful day!
    True story. For some reason, turning 30 was a big deal for me. So I always told everyone I was 29. One day my daughter asked me how old I was and I said without thinking that I was 29. She came home from school the next day and said the teacher told her I couldn’t be 29 since her older brother was 16. I had a real good laugh that day and decided I couldn’t lie about my age any more.

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