It’s So Great To See You Again!!

DSCN1451I am so happy to see you all again. Today is my day for the Cya In September Blog Hop organized by Madam Samm at Sew We Quilt and cheerleader Shari, both of whom have done a wonderful job getting everything setup and ready for all of us to show our projects from over the summer. A huge thank you to you both, I love participating in these hops, they keep me motivated and active and I love being able to share with everyone what I’ve been up to. Note: I’ve been informed by my webhost today Monday the 15th of September, that they are migrating (transferring) the server I am on to a newer server which will mean I will need to change my DNS/IP number at my domain registrar. If you should experience not being able to access this site, it will be because the domain is switching ips to the new server. I will get those numbers updated the moment I notice the migration has taken place. Please come back in a few hours should you experience a problem. I didn’t start on any summer projects until late in the summer, about mid August to early September actually. My main machine was out of commission and off to the shop for just over six weeks this summer, so the only way I could sew was via my embroidery machine, which is always setup to do embroidery even tho it will also do normal sewing. Above you see two jar covers which I absolutely adore. I think jar covers are cool, but I only use them for decoration. In the case of these two, they are going to a neighbor who makes fresh salsa and shares some of it with us every so often. I think she will really enjoy these for her jars. DSCN1452

The jar cover patterns are from The Embroider Shoppe

These went together so easily, you can literally cut and sew each one in under ten minutes.

I didn’t cut my fabric on these according to the instruction, I like triangular shaping for my jar covers, so that I can vary the fabrics. In this case, I placed the gingham on the bottom, and a white on white fabric on top so that the embroidery would shine thru.

I used gingham strips that are torn on the edging for the bows. I like a frayed look on bows, so when I have to make a bow, it will almost always be frayed with the torn fabric.

All of the gingham used in my projects today are from Riley Blake.

Mood Rings

Next up are what I’ll affectionately call my mood key rings. I call them that because now I have a key ring to suit my mood. The storage ring pattern is from GG Designs

While they were easy to create and sew each taking about 20 minutes, I did edit this pattern to meet my needs better. Each of these key rings closes with a zipper closure, the pattern has you stitching around the full zipper all at once. I don’t like doing this and I don’t like using tape to hold the zipper in place to do it like most patterns call for, so I took and added separate lines down each zipper side to stitch the folded edges down first, kind of like a “basting” type stitch, but a normal stitch. In the end, they are stitched over twice.

I also added to my pattern a quilting for the back of the ring. Her pattern back is not quilted, it’s not even stitched down to hold the fabrics and batting in place when your enclosing the storage case, so I quilted mine down to give the full quilted effect.


If I make this pattern again I’ve noted to make it slightly longer to fit a credit card as it’s just a little short of fitting a credit card into the pouch, but as you can see if would fit coins or money just fine.

The other pattern you see in the image is Miss Mouse. I love this pattern, which I purchased from Shiny Happy World on Craftsy.

These little mice are so fun to make, quick and easy to. In under 30 minutes you can have one of these made. I didn’t have the plastic pellets that the pattern calls for, so for now I’ve put some rice in a sandwich bag and placed it inside the mouse to weigh it down so it stands. The rest of it is filled with polyfil. The hardest part of creating this pattern is turning that mousetail inside out, but I even managed to do that without opening that point on the end. That rarely happens to me. 🙂

Miss Mouse is the only project that was stitched on my sewing machine once it returned home. All of the other projects are known as “in the hoop embroidery designs”. So yep, I stitched all the the projects with the exception of the mouse, in my embroidery hoop.


This next pattern is a fun pattern I intend to make many more of for Christmas this year, but in the smaller size. This pattern is from Moose B’Stitchin. This pattern and all the patterns I’ve ever bought from Moose B’Stitchin are exceptional to stitch out. The instructions are well done and easily understood. I do wish her images were larger, but other than that, I’ve never had any issue sewing out her patterns.

As you can see, my little mouse is hangin about, I really like how he turned out. 🙂


This is what Santa looks like laying down. I wanted you to see the full effect of the beard. The “Jumbo” Santa takes about 45 minutes to make.

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Thank you sew much for stopping in today to have a look at my projects.

Cya Soon!!


51 thoughts on “It’s So Great To See You Again!!

  1. Your Santa is soooo cute, I really love it and it will be soon (!!!! time flies..) be very happy to show himself in action!

  2. Love the Santa…and the jar covers…well, they sure make the perserving jars pretty for gift giving! Thanks for sharing your summer sewing projects! Happy stitching, Pauline

  3. Oh, your little key chain bags are so cute. You must have found really small zippers somewhere. Your most and Santa are also cute. What great ideas you had.

  4. How wonderfully cute! I admire anyone who can be without their machine for any length of time and not go crazy. Even though you were limited in your sewing time, you sure did create a lot of fun things. Thanks for sharing your creation with us today.

  5. That mouse is so cute! I like your keyring pouch, being able to hold a credit card would be a perfect size. Your Santa is lovely, a fun project for Christmas. Thank you for sharing!


  6. Cute projects, Marian. I know your neighbor will love the jar covers. They’re not only useful, but look so good sitting on the counter.
    And I really love the key rings. You could place your money or card in there for a quick run to the store.
    I have an embroidery machine, but I don’t know how to do the beautiful things you do on yours. They’re all amazing projects. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Great projects…love those jar covers, I’m sure you neighbour will put them to good use! Cute mouse too! Santa’s beard looks great. I love the look of work from the embroidery machine; I’ll have to try one of those soon LOL

  8. Your projects are cute and useful. My daughter in law would love the jar covers. The key rings are fun and Miss Mousie is a standout! How clever you are. Thank you for the links to the projects.

  9. Adorable projects. You make them sound so easy. I really should learn to use the embroidery unit on my machine. When my second husband I got engaged, he bought me a new sewing machine with an embroidery unit for my birthday which was a month before we got married. We were married for seven years and I never used it. I wonder if I used it now, if he would know it? He is in heaven, now. He loved to see me quilt. I just haven’t been able to do much of anything in the last year plus. I guess it just takes time to get back in the groove. I’m going to visit my daughter and her little boys in a couple weeks. I’ll be there for almost three weeks. Her mother-in-law her husband last year, too and she’s taking a trip, so I’m going to watch the boys while my daughter and son-in-law work. That ought to keep me hopping. I always enjoy my trip there. Thanks for participating and giving me some great ideas for some “quick” projects.

  10. Love all the projects. Really handy stuff too! I still have a fear of zippers to overcome, so I will not be following in your footsteps. Still, I might just attempt one of those….. Love the jar covers. So fun. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Your “mood key rings” are great. What neat gifts they would make. I’m sure your neighbor will love the jar covers. An embroidery machine would be very handy to make all these very fun projects.

  12. Cute projects. With Christmas just around the corner I’m eyeing those key rings! They look like great “quick and easy” gifts.

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