It’s That Time Again… Sue and Sam – Delaware Released…

Sue & Sam In Delaware

Sue and Sam of Delaware have been released, Tomorrow, I’ll be releasing Ontario for Canadians waiting for that release.

This one is not an easy pattern, or at least I didn’t think so. It does require some work on the tree blossoms for Sue, which is btw, the free pattern for this release.

A recommended solution for the small leafy parts of the tree from my tester is that you take and print or mark your fabric for those for the entire embroidery layout, and then use your machine to stitch over the leafs, then cut them instead of cutting all the small shapes involved with the tree. There are two different fabrics for the leaf shapes, a darker and a lighter fabric, and she used the layout guide to create hers. She noted that because the larger flowers have both embroideries in the background that she cut her flowers and then stitched them in place right on the background versus doing it separately first. This release was planned for this past Tuesday, I had an issue with Sam in that I’d forgotten a shape on the rooster to include in the pdf file, and that shape was realized when I was making the SVG files. So the whole pattern had to be redone, thus I am later than I thought I would be.

You will need to create an account on this site in order to download the pattern, it is easy tho, it’s just a name and email address for the account.
Click the image below to go to the download page.

Sue In Delaware

She needs to be downloaded by January 24, 2017
Coupon Code Expires Automatically

To Download Sue I have put the download on the rewards site for you, the coupon code to download it is:


To Purchase the Full patterns
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Payhip Links
Sam / Sue / Both

Important Links for this block of the week…

Support Group on Facebook 
Yahoo Group For Support and Announcements
Pinterest Group For Sunbonnet Sue
Flickr Group For Sunbonnet Sue and Sam
Flickr Reward Request Form
Seams To Be Sew on Yahoo

The artwork for Sunbonnet Sue and Sam in the USA and Canada are created for  exclusive use for Seams To Be Sew by Clipartopolis

2018 will see 2 block releases per month during the year. I will do everything possible to finish the USA this year. I am very behind on this block of the month so will be doing what I can to catch it up. The next block release for Iowa will be released January 24, 2018, if it’s ready before that, it will be released.

Iowa, New York, and Ontario Previews

FlickR Deadlines:

Flickr Deadline to turn Sue in for Sam in Delaware is: February 10, 2018
uploaded to the Flickr group and requested it via the Flickr reward form


I am an affiliate of the above companies when you click one of these links and purchase something, I earn a little bit of a commission with it. I use this money to help maintain my website and offer my free patterns to you. Every little bit helps, thank you so much for clicking and for your support. I don’t just offer up these brands to you I actually use their products and shop at these places. I would never partner with someone whose products I didn’t use.

17 thoughts on “It’s That Time Again… Sue and Sam – Delaware Released…

  1. Thanks Marian. Very cute. Why are you changing the way we get these? Downloading for 12 Days I lost several as I was traveling and though I could download my downloads when I got home (hotel computers)–didn’t work like when we got at Craftsy. alas, that was sooooo much easier and available even when traveling.

    1. answered most of this already, however, I will add that I haven’t used Craftsy for 1-day downloads in over a year and a half. I stopped after doing Sunbonnet Sue/Sam Travel the world for the first six months and went strictly to Payhip. I decided to give my rewards cart a try after all the complaints about payhip over the 12 days event, it’s a no-win situation. I either use payhip or I use my cart. I stopped using google because I can’t track the downloads and I like to know how many people and who downloaded a file. I’m sorry Sally, but Craftsy for temporary downloads will never be used by me again as long as patterns that get deleted are not actually deleted.

  2. Thanks. Different way to collect these. Interesting. During 12 days of Christmas I ‘collected’ several of the designs at payhip but was unable to download due to lack of memory but figured I could get them when I got home to desk top (I was traveling in Colorado). Unfortunately the downloads were no longer any good when I got home. So, what’s up with you changing the way you’ve done this for last 4 or 5 years? Having a fight with Craftsy?

    1. 12 Days has always been a 1-day download event and that has never been different. I do not use Craftsy for temporary free patterns because when you delete a pattern from Craftsy it does not delete the pattern to those who have downloaded it freely in the past. Call me selfish, but a free pattern that is limited in downloads should be able to be deleted, and I need to make some money creating patterns, I won’t be able to continue doing it if I don’t, so those patterns need to get deleted permanently and so I stopped using Craftsy and will not go back to it for temporary free downloads. If I offer a pattern free forever, it will be on Craftsy. It was made very clear during the entire 12 days event that you must download the files within the 24 hour period that they are available. You could download and send them to yourself via email if you’re on a phone. Unfortunately, I can’t control lack of memory or people who use mobile devices to download. I tried to get around this by switching to my reward cart, which was really the last thing I wanted to do in the first place because I didn’t want all the user accounts on the cart since it’s not intended to be a permanent solution in the first place and is not on a secured site.

      I also don’t know why after all these years your suddenly showing up in the spam folder Sally, that’s why 3 of your comments didn’t show up until tonight as I noticed messages in the spam folder and checked them.

  3. Oh how sweet. I have loved Sue for so many years. Thank you for the tips on sewing. I love the long pony tail.

  4. Help please. What is the “reward site”? This is unknown to me. I have been following this site for years and the Sam and Sue’s as well. Your kind reply is appreciated.

  5. OK, I’m confused…..not hard to do. What is the “rewards site”? I’ve been following your Sue and Sam for sometime and I would really like to find this newest one for Delaware. Thank you for your kind response.

  6. Thank you for this cute little girl. Have a question for you how many blocks do we have left in Tis the Night Before Christmas?

    1. Bonnie, there is 24 total blocks, so there are currently 16 left, 9 and 10 will be released next week which will leave 12, but after 13 and 14 are released, they get much easier to do also which helps me as I can release them sooner.

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