Join The Fun With The Red Boots Gang…

The Red Boot Paper Dolls 2020

I had mentioned in an earlier post that this Sew Along from The Red Boot Quilt Company would be starting soon, but I didn’t know when it was starting only that the theme of it was to be Paper Dolls. It officially started February 21 and thanks to Nan who reminded me it in a comment she left for me.

Paper Dolls is an every two-week release pattern update. There are 35 total blocks in this one and you can download the patterns all year long There are three different download spots on the web available to you. You can join the Facebook group which is the one place you might like to do anyway simply because you can see what others are doing with there blocks and how they are coming along… Lots of inspiration in that group.

Second, The Thermoweb blog. They have always posted The Red Boot Quilt Companies patterns so this is the one place you can always count on them to be at also especially if your not a social media person.

Third, the Red Boot Quilt Company website itself has also created a page for the Paper Dolls Sew Along… On my Around The Web BOTMs page for this blog, I have it listed for this page also.

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4 Responses to Join The Fun With The Red Boots Gang…

  1. This looks like such a fun quilt, thanks so much for the patterns. I only hope I can remember to come by every month.

  2. AvatarBeth T. says:

    Thank you for reminding me about this! It had slipped my mind completely, and the patterns are so adorable. Even if this isn’t a great time for me to start on this quilt, I’m so glad to be able to to save the patterns, knowing I’ll want to get to work as soon as I can.

  3. AvatarMarti Morgan says:

    Looks like fun. Would love to make this for my great, great niece.

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