Jumping Right In

My first Blog Hop!!
Bea's EQ Appliqued Animals Blog HopIt’s quite typical that I would just jump right in and want to participate in something I think is one of the coolest things going on the web today. Ever since I restarted looking at what’s happening in quilting today and discovering all these great blogs, I have wanted to participate in a Blog Hop.So before I even opened this blog, and before I’d even learned how to applique in Electric Quilt, I signed on to participate. Talk about pressure. Now, where’s that sewing machine foot pedal, I need to get busy and get my block put together. The benefits of participating for me are:

  • Fun, Fun, and more Fun
  • Learning more about Electric Quilt
  • Making the Giant leap forward and getting my blog underway and open.
  • Setting up my machines again… WooHoo!!!
  • Making my hubby even more crazy.
  • and last but not least, making new friends in the quilting world.

Thank you for allowing me to participate Bea.

See ya soon,


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