Just Showing My Wings Today…

Show Your WingsAt the time I noticed this blog hop was at play… I was already working on trying to finish up my newest nephew’s projects for his birth which came in late January. I am now a Grand Aunt and I am thrilled beyond belief… Almost like someone who would become a grandmother. So, I decided to put together this little project real quick as I’d been wanting to create it and had not had a lot of time to get to it.

It’s turned out far cuter than I’d first imagined. Sometimes when working with fabrics we can see how something is going to go together perfectly and other times you know you’re taking a risk and it’s either going to pay off or it’s not. This time it was worth the risk. I really love how this little project turned out.

I created another purse, but not a big bag like I did in the last blog hop… it didn’t even occur to me until I was writing this post today that I’d done two bags in a row, but well I did… But these are totally different bags. This one you can place it on a belt for it to hang from, or put it on your wrist. So it’s a much smaller bag in that respect. It is also lined on the inside. It is completely done in applique, with the exception of the outer seams to create the shape.

Owl Purse 2

The wings and the tail are dimensional

Owl Purse 2AAround my wrist it could also go hang onto your belt buckle, or perhaps inside your car in a place that will let you place the handle.

Owl Purse 2C (Back)


The Back with the Zipper Opening.

Owl Purse 2D

Great for Holding Credit Cards, money, ID Cards, etc…

I do not know who this bag is from sadly. There is no copyright info on the pdf and all I know is I got the pattern on Craftsy along time ago.  Perhaps I can understand why tho, this bag was extremely time-consuming to create. It took me far longer than I ever expected it to. While the pdf is chock-full of pictures to follow and the instructions are easy enough to understand, there is just far more instruction than I realized and I followed this pattern to the letter which is not something I normally do. I usually vere off into the way I have been taught, but I wouldn’t have gotten the inside lining area to not show the seams if I hadn’t followed the instructions in the pattern. It did turn out pretty cute tho and I am really pleased with it. It would make a really great craft show seller also as I took this bag to the doctor’s office with me last week, and I could easily have sold 10 of these bags. 

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Thanks to Carol at Just Let Me Quilt for hosting this hop.

I hope you all have a great week.

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41 thoughts on “Just Showing My Wings Today…

  1. OH SOOO CUTE MARIAN!! I just really love this bag. This would be awesome for a little girl to carry her treasures in too. Thanks for sharing it today. (Have lots of fun with the little one. They grow up so fast.)

  2. Oh my goodness that is just too cute. Too bad it caused you so much headache. Patterns like that make the best of us crazy some days. LOL!! Congrats on the new little one. I’m sure this Great Auntie will never spoil him….NOT 🙂

  3. Very practical, I can see why others would want to purchase one! Do you feel it would be worth selling though with all the time and effort? Just curious. I don’t sell with exception of very few quilts on occasion. The time is so precious I put into them, so they usually are gifted to one of my loved ones.

  4. Well OWL be darned what an interesting bag. I wouldn’t have known it was a bag if you didn’t say or show the opening. He or she is a cutie though. Never saw this one before and I am a bag maker too.

  5. This is adorable, Marian, and a perfect wings addition to this hop…love it! Having it hanging on a doorknob or in a car would be a useful and cute way to keep things organized. Thank you for sharing your sweet wings project!

  6. What a cute owl bag! I love the way it turned out, and whoever receives it will love it too. Thanks for sharing!

  7. What a sweet owl. I can imagine that this would be a best seller. But you have to find a less time consuming way of making it then. Greetings from Norway.

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