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My EQStitch arrived this past monday and I had to set it aside to work on my site. With the blog date approaching, I knew I needed to have the site up and running, and my blocks were already pretty much finished and ready to stitch out. I was hoping to use EQStitch as part of the block design, but after using it, I am not so sure I want to do that now. We’ll see, I still may do something as a small extra.

It’s been a busy week for me. First, I had my site to redo after having worked on it already for two weeks. I guess it’s a good thing that I was already familiar with what needed to be done. I had first placed my site in a sub folder of this domain, but then decided I wanted to move it to the root folder, and I flubbed it up when moving it, so decided to just start over. It came together pretty quickly and I’m happy with the end result. Using WordPress is fairly new to me as I’ve always been a Joomla user and recommended it. It’s not that I wouldn’t still recommend it, but I’m totally astounded at how much easier WordPress is in comparison to Joomla. It’s also much lighter in weight filesize wise, and  has as many features to use if not more. One of my favorite things when building sites was in using what WordPress calls “child” techniques. This is where you have to edit a .php or .css file and instead of editing the original, you edit a copy and place it in a different folder for your theme. Zencart also has this ability which is one of the reasons I loved using Zencart in the first place as a cart script. The cool thing about this technique is that when the script itself updates, you can feel free to update your script, and then go back and easily see the changes you made in those “child” files and update them with the new update. Joomla does not have this ability, you have to edit the actual php or css files instead. My reasons for not using Joomla on this site were pretty simple. I wanted something really basic and simple for this site. Since it’s a blog, it doesn’t need a heavy script to weigh it down with different addons. It’s also a good opportunity for me to learn something new and I always enjoy a good challenge.

Then there was the task of finding my sewing machine foot pedal. Does it not figure it was in the second to last box I looked in. The good thing was I was able to sort out my fabrics and organize a bit so that when the next swap or blog hop comes along I’ll be able to look at my fabrics and know whether I’ll need to order something or not.

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