Kathy McNeil Comes To Seams To Be Sew…

Kathy McNeil

I’ve often noted on Seams To Be Sew that I love landscape quilting. Last year, I posted my Oh Holy Night Block of the Week series, and I touched just a tad on landscape quilting in this series. It doesn’t matter to me about the technique used, if it captures my eye, expands my imagination, and makes me think WoW!!, I think it’s amazing. If I ever create even something that is half of the talent of any landscape artists I’ve been learning from, I will be ecstatic. I enjoy many artists who do landscape quilting, but one of the artists I’ve enjoyed since purchasing her book and DVD last year is Kathy McNeil. Her book is not only captured with a lot of beautiful projects, but she also shares her techniques for creating landscape quilts.

Kathy has written this book which truly captures the amazing look of her methods in landscape quilting, but the book also comes with a DVD if you choose to purchase the combo. I was first introduced to Kathy via her book shown above when researching my pattern for Oh Holy Night. I wanted to use a background for the nativity that was more than just a blank background, so I really dove on into the landscape books I already owned, I purchased

Kathy's IQuilt Class

Kathy’s class at Iquilt.com on Learning Landscape Quilting.. .  and her book and DVD combo to really try and grasp the concept of landscaping. Even tho I didn’t go all the way into it, Kathy’s influences are part of the pattern just from what I learned from all the reading.

The real influence tho for me with Kathy is the row I created for The Road Home Row Along coming in September. In her IQuilt class, you are learning the pattern shown here on the left, the pattern is included when you purchase the class, so you can follow along and work on your pattern with the class. Kathy starts this class right from choosing your project with photos or drawings and follows with looking at the photo in a different perspective. She adds with this planning out your background, construction, piecing and painting techniques. Once you are ready to put the whole thing together, she then shows you how to do raw edge applique, machine applique and finishing your quilt project. The entire class runs around just over 3 hours.

Because I set the guidelines for The Road Home Row Along, I’m not going to break my own rule about showing rows prior to the event, so I won’t be showing you my row until September, but, the influence she left on me is obvious in that row, since mine is a landscaping row with sky and water, based on what I consider home and that is Idaho Falls, Idaho.  

Kathy's IQuilt Class 2Kathy is an accomplished quilter/artist/author, offering two classes at IQuilt, her first I’ve shown you just above, her second is with her Owls applique pattern from her Quilt Block Of The Month pattern called Audubon’s Christmas. This class is based on putting the whole pattern together, but its emphasis is still on improving your techniques with applique, quilting, and adding texture and depth. 

The whole pattern is truly magnificent, but I love that she chose the owls, because it really gives you a good sense of how to work with creating something other than trees, water, and sky. You get an idea of how to work with animals, eyes, faces, etc.. This will help broaden you in ways that other landscape artists who are online and teaching online don’t delve into. 

Kathy has also been featured on The Quilt Show, earlier this year in show 1802. You will need to be a member to view it. Imagine my surprise, when she was featured, I almost didn’t renew my membership this year at The Quilt Show, but their last minute great deal enticed me and I relented. So I was tickled pink when she was featured in the newest season this year.

I encourage you to visit her gallery at her website. She has an amazing talent, Kathy can really capture her art in a realistic fashion and that’s what makes Kathy truly exceptional at her talent. When you have that kind of talent, it’s easy to sit back, stare, be in awe and just want to touch it.

I wouldn’t be able to choose a favorite of her quilts, there are simply too many of them. However, the ones that fascinate me the most are probably her students, one can really tell how great a teacher is by looking at their students work, her students obviously can hold their heads up high and rejoice, because I personally do not think creating landscapes is easy, their is a learning curve to it. For me, it’s the challenge to better myself that makes me want to delve more into landscape quilting. What I love most about it tho is the fact that you can screw up and still make it work. 🙂

I wrote Kathy about offering a giveaway for The Road Home Row Along, and she has offered to give us a copy of her DVD for the giveaway. I don’t know which one yet, but her newest one based on her IQuilt is due out in August, so I’m hopeful she will be giving us that one. It’s very exciting and the person who gets it will definitely enjoy it as I have truly learned from her class on IQuilt, but even if it’s her book DVD, it’s still filled with techniques and know-how enough to learn from, so either one is an exciting prospect.

I hope you will visit Kathy, and let her know you appreciate it.

I have another new post for you tomorrow, and a little freebee, it will not be on Craftsy, so be sure you stop in and have a look. 🙂

Have a fun and wonderful day, and remember, if your rowing away today, please be safe.


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  1. Wow. I am a big fan of Kathy McNeil’s work already. This will be a fantastic addition to the prizes.

  2. Avatarsusan says:

    The quilts you showed here are gorgeous, and I’m really excited about seeing your row when you come up on the list – probably the last day, right? LOL Thanks for the link to Kathy’s site, too.

    • AvatarMarian says:

      naaa, this is one RAL where I am not scheduling myself last in the lineup.. Last year tho.. I did additional rows to giveaway during the hop.. I’m thinking I may do a few extra for giveaways of my favorite places. 🙂

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