Last of the Continuous Line Designs and… Winners Announced Today!!

stbs-2018-RR CL I Love You Border 01 B3

Oh Man, it’s been quite a week. After Monday last week, I was so busy, I just didn’t have the time to do any posting. I needed to finish our wedding gift for our nephew who got married this past Saturday.

I did finish adding the Continuous Line patterns to those of you who ordered the bundles.

On another front, I’ve also been busy finishing up block 10 for Twas The Night and I expect to release that on Friday. Sunbonnet Sue/Sam will also see a release possibly Friday or Monday.

We were in Texas for the wedding this past weekend, it was a nice wedding that was held in the early afternoon, which made it nice for us to rest up for the long drive home on Monday. I do apologize, we were driving to Texas last Thursday and there was simply no way I could draw the winners. They are listed below.

The following are the patterns released in the Valentine’s Continuous Line Bundle last week.

The I Love You patterns have 5 different patterns to them, including 2 for blocks and 3 for borders with corners. 1 block and 2 corners were added to the bundles as bonuses for buying the bundle. They will only be available in the bundle.

This Continuous Line Valentine series is inspired by the artwork of Dottoo Dots
Permission was granted by Roy Reed to allow me to use his artwork for creating Continuous line design patterns.

The winners of the giveaway last week on my Island Batik Four Seasons Blog Hop post are:

Nancy RB
Sue N
Nina E
Sally M
Christi S

They will be notified in an email today with the details on how to claim their giveaway. If you should see this post and haven’t heard from me, please check your spam filters or contact me.

Tomorrow is my day on the

Put A Little Love In Your Quilt

If you haven’t been visiting, it started this past Monday the 5th.

Here is the schedule:

February 5


There is always a lot of inspiration at blog hops and they are so fun to visit. I truly encourage you to try and visit as many blogs as you have the time for.

I’ll see you tomorrow for a fun day of hopping, I’m excited to show you my project and perhaps I’ll have a surprise or two for you also.

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5 thoughts on “Last of the Continuous Line Designs and… Winners Announced Today!!

  1. Your life is always so busy! I’m glad you had a little mini-vacation, even though it was probably some stress, too, with the driving. That isn’t too long a drive, though, so I hope all went well and you could just enjoy each other’s company. =) These blocks look great – the border stitching is a real bonus. Congratulations to the lucky winners!

  2. Maria,I’m sure that this is probably not where to put this and I apologize but I am not very tech savvy. I ordered 2 of the continuous line designs and paid for them through PayPal but only got 1. I didn’t get the rose FMQ one and I don’t know how to go about getting it. Could you please help me out? I know that you are very busy and I apologize but I don’t know what else to do. I wish that I could afford to just pay for it again but I can’t. I know that $3 isn’t very much to some people but I am on a very limited budget. Thanx again for your selfless service and your kindness in sharing your amazing talents with the rest of us. I really appreciate it.

    1. Of course, I’ll help you. You ordered those on Craftsy, Craftsy has unlimited downloads, so you can download these at any time from your dashboard area. What you do is go to, In the upper right of the browser window, you should see some images that look like a magnifying glass, a heart, a shopping cart, and then either the words sign in, or a little image with an arrow if you’re already signed in. Click the down arrow, and choose Pattern Library. It will then show a page where anything you’ve purchased or been able to get a free pattern is. Look for the patterns you need to download and click the down arrow on the image of that pattern. If more than one download is involved such as zip and a pdf file, you can download both, or just what you need to create the pattern.

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