Last Post of 2017, Last Free Pattern of 2017… Time For A New Year… Best of 5 Posts…

It is hard to believe that another year has passed by so darn quickly. It seems just like yesterday that I was writing the first post of this year which was a “Best of 5 Posts” also and participating in the linky party that Meadowmist Designs hosts each year. I met some wonderful quilters and bloggers thru doing that, so this year I definitely wanted to participate again.

2018 marks a big event for my blog, it will be my 5th year as a blogger and in my wildest dreams I never even once thought I’d still be around for 5 years let alone loving it so much. I love love love blogging, and find it a fun and enjoyable part of my life. If blogging weren’t a part of my life, I wouldn’t have gotten to enjoy all the quilters who follow my blog, who visit, who let me know they are watching… 🙂 You are all gold medal winners to me and thus….

Thank you so much for all you do…. commenting, visiting, even just writing a note of concern in email. All of it means the world to me that you care.

Winter Olympic Games Block 04
Click Me To Download

today I have a free pattern for you, it’s for a limited time,
so download it before Saturday January 06, 2018.

You’ll need the coupon code which you’ll find in this post somewhere… 🙂

All emails asking where the code is or noting that you couldn’t find it will be ignored.

The free pattern includes only the 15-inch block info.

Because so many of you do not like Payhip, I chose to put this on my “rewards” site. This is where those who qualify for Flickr Rewards pick up there free patterns. So, you get to do the same thing. The process is simple, but you will have to create an account as it is a cart, but you only need to put your name, email and create a password. We’ll give this a try… my new shopping cart is this same cart with the exception that it is at a different url address. I don’t like having to make you all make an account, but I just don’t have a choice with the change in this free download.

My 5 Best Posts Of 2017

Nope it’s never easy and to be honest, I didn’t think I posted enough this year to really come up with 5 great posts, but as I looked back thru the year and realized that of course I have at least 5 posts and the memories created from them. It’s always amazing to me how much I can remember writing that specific post and the reasons for it. As you know, I don’t like to post willy nilly, and some times I won’t have a post for a while, nor do I post every day. Other times, I am posting often because of holding an event or because I have something to say or show off. So, my 5 best posts for 2017 are:

  1. Best of 5 January 1, 2017 Because it reminds me of all the wonderful posts from 2016. During January, Sunbonnet Sue and Sam and Twas The Night Before Christmas started. These were originally set to be 1 year botms, but have needed to be changed to 2 year botms.
  2. I Love It When You… Susan sending me a picture of her 12 Days pattern she was working on…
  3. Quilt Qwazy Queens 2017 was announced… Year 2 … because this is a really fun event, and I love doing it. I’ll be doing it again, you can see the info below for that.
  4. My first row by row experience, now that I’m back in the states….
  5. The first day of the Christmas Caroling Row Along…. I absolutely love this event, it was our third row along, and the fourth one later this year will be coming in September again…
  6. Barb’s beautiful quilting on her 12 Days of Christmas project from 2016, who says I can only have 5 favorite posts… I needed two more… 🙂
  7. The 12 Days of Gifts… Janeen at Quilt Art and I have done this together for the last three years, even tho we’ve both done it longer, just not together. The coupon code for your gold medal is: 4MyGoldMedalWinners

Quilt Qwazy Queens 2018

World Wide Quilting Day 2018If you’d like to participate in Worldwide Quilting Day, you can pre-sign up by clicking the image above.

This year’s theme will be UFO’s…

Please note, do not signup if your visitor who comes to the events, signups are for people who are bloggers, or people who have a project they’d like to display as a guest blogger.

and my newest release for the Winter Olympics, because if you remember, I told ya’ll how much I love love love the Olympics and the Winter Olympics are my absolute favorite of the two…

Winter Olympic Games SamplerThe individual blocks…

Artwork for all blocks is from Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah.

Each pattern includes 10, 15, and 20-inch block sizes.

I didn’t forget the coupon code, it is on this post.

This is my last post for the year 2017. I hope you all have a wonderful start to 2018, that your year will bring you most of all, happiness, joy, prosperity, and love.

Happy New Year


26 thoughts on “Last Post of 2017, Last Free Pattern of 2017… Time For A New Year… Best of 5 Posts…

  1. Happy New Year and Happy 5th Blogaversary coming up. Just wondering if all your free patterns will be going this “new” route or if it is just for this one.

    1. I can’t answer that Susan, I usually go with my mood at the time I write the post. 🙂 However, I do put free patterns on Craftsy sometimes, and when they go to Craftsy, they are permanently free if that helps… The limited ones will most stay on my rewards site for now as I haven’t had a single email about bad downloads at all since adding the post yesterday and normally I get quite a few because people are using ipads or cell phones to try and download with.

      If it stays this way, I will use this cart until I open my new shopping cart hopefully in late January.

  2. The Winter Olympics are my favorite, too, because I like both speed skating and figure skating. There are other things I like to watch, too, like the Luge and the cross country with shooting events – whatever that’s called LOL. I also like summer, though, for field and track, especially. I look forward to a wonderful year in 2018 events, too!

    1. Ya, I probably love the figure skating the most, but I also love the skiing events, even tho I do not ski, I love the bobsledding to, its so fast and scary at the same time… Summer… Swimming and Gymnastics are my favorites although I watch all of the Olympic events in both winter and summer.

  3. Another great year you have provided us all. Thank you for all you do! I just signed up for QQQ2018…UFO’s you say? Wonder what pile I should tackle first, LOL!!!! Great way to get us to dig out those PIGS (projects in grocery sacks).
    Looking forward to see what’s in store for next year. Have a very happy new year.

  4. Hi Marian,

    Loved the look back…….it was a busy year for you!

    I hit something and my request for the QQQ went through only half finished….sorry…I could not figure out how to get it back to finish.

    Happy New Year,

    Sherry V.

  5. Marian, I want to thank you for giving me the love of machine appliqué. I has not worked on a quilt in over 20 years. My daughter lead me to your 12 Days of Christmas and I fell in love, you helped me tremendously and now all I want to do is make machine appliqué. I am looking forward to all you do in 2018.

    1. Susan, you are welcome and I’m glad you have found a love for machine applique. I look forward to you showing off what you’ve been up to. Happy New Year.

  6. You were very busy in 2017 and looks like you’re heading for another busy year. I participated in QQQ last year and looking forward to doing so again. Thanks for the pattern. Wishing you a very Happy New Year filled with fabric, fun, family, and friends.

    1. I appreciate that you offer the linky party, it’s one of the few I link up to during the year and I didn’t want to miss it again this year. I had fun last year doing it, and I love your blog, so thank you for visiting my post today and leaving a comment…. Funny, I had to go and approve my own comment 🙂

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