Lesson 2 – Adding EQ Fabric Libraries For 2015 and Older..

stbs-Fabric Libraries In EQ

Today’s lesson covers adding the older libraries to Electric Quilt.

One of the best parts about Electric Quilt is the Fabric Libraries. Personally, I love them. I love that I can create an inventory of my own fabrics, add them to my projects and know that what Electric Quilt shows me, is that my project will come pretty close to the real thing. This is the sheer power of the software itself.

Today, we are still working in the Main Library for Electric Quilt, I’m going to show you how to add the older files that were offered from the Fabric Of The Month, those are the .FAB files that you can download at DoyouEQ.com.

This lesson also includes adding the Connecting Threads files to Electric Quilt. I show you how to also create your own folder for Fabrics in the Library so you can find Connecting Threads inventory quickly. In case your not aware of it, Connecting Threads is the only store on the internet that I’m aware of that offers fabric libraries of their inventory for you to keep and work with in EQ. It’s really helpful because when you realize you need that fabric, you can head on over the store, put in the notepad info, and find the fabric easily. I personally think this is one of the smartest ways to showcase your fabric inventory to your customers.

I’ve also added a how to continue to add .FAB files after you create new libraries to the same libraries. This process is done differently than creating a new folder each month for new libraries and helps keep you organized in EQ.

This lesson is about 25 minutes, it couldn’t be helped, their is just to much information to share about this part of the software so you know what you need to for installing the libraries and keeping them organized.

What I didn’t include in the video, because quite frankly, I didn’t think of it until I was writing this lesson, is how to find the fabrics once you know you need a fabric.

With Connecting Threads Libraries in particular, it’s very easy.

stbs-Connecting Threads-01Open your Fabric Library, or Sketchbook depending on what your doing in Electric Quilt. If your working with a project, the fabric you most likely need will be in Sketchbook and easier to find.

stbs-Connecting Threads-02When your dealing with a specific website to purchase at, using the name is your best option, especially at Connecting Threads, because while you can use the other names, the “numbered” name will take you to the specific collection you are needing to find.

stbs-Connecting Threads-03So, open your browser and go to Connecting Threads,

stbs-Connecting Threads-04Type in the number from the name line in the notecard

stbs-Connecting Threads-05As you can see, it brings you right to this collection.

stbs-Connecting Threads-06by scrolling just a bit, you find the fabric you selected in your library or sketchpad.

stbs-Connecting Threads-07trying other search words

stbs-Connecting Threads-08can give you results like the above..

stbs-Connecting Threads-09or like this one, which will make it easier to find the collection, but I’d rather just not have to do so much searching, so I’ll use the Name line in my notecards.

What Happens If It’s Not A Connecting Threads Library?

It’s really the same process, but instead of going to the Connecting Threads website, you’ll head on over to Google or your search engine of choice.

stbs-Search For Fabric-10So, find your fabric, in most cases, the copyright info will be in the notecard also, Looking at the year, will tell you about how old that fabric is. Of course, the older the year, the older the fabric and it won’t be easy to find anything that is really old.

I stbs-Search For Fabric-10I can type fairly fast, but I am lazy about typing, so copy and pasting to me is literally my best pc friend.. I hilight the title (Name) and copy it.

stbs-Search For Fabric-12I then head on over Google in my browser (Opening my browser brings me to google automatically), and paste the info I copied into the search bar. You can see the results, not quite what I’m looking for..

stbs-Search For Fabric-13So, I add the fabric’s reference name to the search engine bar, and thus I get closer to what I’m looking for, and even get some images which depending on the fabric can really help you out.

The fabric will now be easier to find and hopefully I can find that little extra bit I need, or perhaps buy enough to make a full project.

This ends this weeks lesson on EQ Fabric Libraries,

Next thursday, I’ll show you how to add images you can download from fabric sites such as Northcott, Moda, Andover and others around the web, scanned fabrics, and working in “My Library”.

Cya then,




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