Lesson 3, Working With Downloaded Images In EQ

stbs-Fabric Libraries In EQ

Today’s lesson on Electric Quilt covers adding images downloaded from the various fabric manufacturer’s on the internet.

We’ll look at how to download them, how to add them, discuss saved images from quilt shops, ebay, or other sites where you may purchase fabric, problems that can be encountered with those images, and we’ll touch briefly on scanned fabrics, and how cropping can affect your images in EQ.

This is a very fun lesson, a bit lengthy, but their just is to much information on the subject to try and keep it short and sweet.

Some additional notes:

These are manufacturer’s I know of that offer zips to be downloaded with their fabric collections in them.

RJR Fabrics
Riley Blake
Marcus Brothers
Maywood Studios
Quilting Studios
Art Gallery

If you know of a manufacturer I missed, please leave me a comment below or write me via my contact page to let me know. I will update this page as needed. If a manufacturer stops offering their files, I will remove the link to their sites also.

Other tutorials or lessons that discuss Fabric Libraries for Electric Quilt:

BeaQuilter: Downloading Fabrics – This is an amazing lesson on adding fabrics to EQ from fabric manufacturers or shops on the web. It is an image based lesson. Bea has many EQ tutorials on her blog, which are indepth and really helpful.

Behind The Mouse (an EQ site) – Importing As A Fabric versus Importing As A Photo

Until next week the 17th, when we discuss Adding Scanned Fabrics, editing images in EQ, and we’ll touch on working with palettes in EQ as our last lesson in this series the following week which will be on the 31st, instead of March 24th due to Quilt Qwazy Queens during that week.


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    1. thanks Belinda, I was sure Moda offered them, but the day I wrote this post, I couldn’t find the downloads, so I left it off the list. Thank you for the Art Gallery fabrics, I have added both the links.

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