Lesson 5 – Working With Fabrics In EQ – Create Your Own Palette

stbs-Lesson 5 EQToday’s lesson is the last lesson in this series on Working With Fabrics In Electric Quilt. It’s been fun, I myself have learned a few things, and at the same time I had a great time being able to show you just how great this part of the software is. The ability to add our own fabrics alone makes EQ amazing software, but having the ability to create your own default palette, or even custom palettes for your projects makes it must have software for every quilter.

Compared to the other lessons in this series, this video is very short.. At just 16 minutes, I managed to get it all in.. without veering off topic.

I hope you have enjoyed this series, please let me hear your comments and tell me if you to learned something new.

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I’ll be back on the 10th of April with a new lesson for you.




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