Little Treasures August 2014 Now Online!!

LT08-AugustJust about the easiest block you can put together is this months block for Little Treasures.

It goes together easily and quickly.

This is a 15-Inch block.

The artwork is from Graphics and Graphics.

This design was created in Electric Quilt v7, and Bernina Designer Plus Software. At this time, I have decided not to include the cutting files, opting instead to give you tutorials on how to create your own. I really would love to share the svg files with you and have permission to do so, but it is not possible to import the svg file in with the software such as Silhouette Studio without having to resize the svg. Because it’s to difficult to note the sizings that each svg would need to be, I’ve opted to show you how to make your cutting files from the pdf file provided for your patterns instead.

With this block, I used 100% cotton flannel for the fabric on her dress and bow.

The bow middle uses the same new technique I showed you with May and June’s block in which you do the machine embroidery right on the background block. It’s so easy to do you will wonder why you didn’t try it with May or June’s block. 🙂 Ok, I’m hoping someone will someday make one of these blocks, so while you can use normal applique methods with this block, I would still love to see anyone make a block.

With that in mind, the release of Septembers block will bring a little giveaway with it… You’ll just have to wait and see and maybe just maybe by bribing you I can get someone to make a block.. any block from this series will do… hehe

As we approach the end of the year, I’m thinking to myself about next year, wondering what should I do for next year’s BOM..yes, I plan to continue with the block of the month and I’ll tell you why. For me, this BOM has been all about and still is all about learning and growing my techniques and my skills at quilting. I still want to work on getting my applique a bit more perfect… mind you I am NOT and never plan to be a perfectionist, but I would like the appliques to look a little less pointed on my curves and I believe I can perfect that. When you see Septembers block, I believe you will see a marked improvement just because of my switching to the use of starch instead of glue stick. As to the idea for next year’s BOM, I’m leaning towards either international dolls with their flags, or a calendar quilt.. What do you think?

So, with that in mind, I’m going to post an applique how to tutorial with Septembers block based on what I’ve learned about creating your shapes with the starch method, but also by using Terial Magic for cutting your shapes and how that doesn’t always help to turn those shapes, but I’m going to show you a trick that will make it easier for those of you especially who use cutting machines to cut your shapes. Perhaps, your thinking to yourself, why is she talking about September when this is Augusts block, have you looked again at the title to make sure this isn’t Septembers and not August? hehe Well that’s cause their just isn’t much to say about this August block, it just flows into place it is just that easy.



This is my finished August block.

This has been washed, and as you can see from July’s block, I went back to my old stabilizer, using the pink sketch pen and their is no stabilizer showing, nor is there any pen marks showing, no black thread show thru either.. I’m happy.

These tips are for any type of applique method, they aren’t exclusive to this series.

Today I’m going to talk a bit about placement methods, because this dolls layout placement is a bit different. The dress splits and is used in both top and bottom parts of the layout. I wanted to show you how I combined them to make one piece.

When you use a cutter to make your fabric or even stabilizer, you can’t put the stabilizer on the mat, it just won’t come off well after you sketch the layout. You need to iron some Freezer Paper onto the stabilizer first, then place the freezer paper on the mat with the stabilizer on top.

So when I do this, I mark my freezer paper side.DSCN1411

You want to mark the paper side, not the waxy side.

Then iron the freezer paper onto your stabilizer


Iron your freezer paper to the stabilizer.

Your iron should be on the paper side of the freezer paper, stabilizer does not like ironing to well, so try not to iron the stabilizer side.

If you have to iron the stabilizer, lower the iron setting to a low/medium setting.


Lay your stabilizer with the freezer paper side on the mat itself and the stabilizer on top onto the mat, lightly rub it over with your hand.

Do NOT use a “new” mat for this process, you can actually use a well worn mat for sketching, you just need the freezer paper to basically stick to the mat. Since we aren’t cutting anything, the pen is just drawing onto the stabilizer and it’s far more likely to do well than with fabric, cutting fabric needs a stickier mat. If you decided to draw right on your background (which I will try in the future) make sure that fabric sticks well to the freezer paper.


When you turn the mat over, if your mat is see thru like the Silhouette mats are, you will see where it says FP (for my marking that it’s the freezer paper) this is how you know you have done this in the correct manner.


Then using a Brayer you can smooth the stabilizer onto the mat. I find the Brayer to be the easiest and fastest method to smoothing out items I put on my mat, it also makes it stick better to the mat as well.

Once it’s nice and smooth, place it in your cutter and allow it to sketch the layout placement lines.


Once finished, lift the freezer paper away from the stabilizer and the mat as well. It will most likely come off the mat very easily.


I’m sorry I didn’t take a picture prior to cutting around my crosshairs but you can see here how the printing turned out.

What I do next is cut across the width cross hair, so that I can match up that dress easier. When the top stitches out, you can’t see all the lines on the dress, so you need to match the bottom to the top. I found by cutting across my crosshairs and around the dress I could match this up quite easily.


On the top section, I cut into the dress area, so that I wouldn’t have all that additional layering. Granted, this is wash away stabilizer, but still, wash away stabilizers are like a glue type adhesive that is just watery, but they will get really stiff if not washed out thouroughly, so I cut out this part to avoid any lingering stiffness that may occur after washing as well.


I then line up the cross hair lines, and start pinning them in place.


You can see the temporary pins here and how they all line up very nicely.

I then used the laying the shapes onto the stabilizer placing them with the some glue into place and finished everything up. I took it to the sewing maching and blind stitched it all in place. I then took and did the middle of my bows on the embroidery machine.

A NOTE about the bows. They are digitized as one file, but you need to remove the fabric from the hoop and line up the 2nd bow with your bow on the other side. Not doing this could cause the middle of the bow on the 2nd stitchout to not stitch out properly.

If you don’t have a cutting machine, and want to try this placement technique, instead of print out your layout in your printer, tape the stabilizer to the layout and draw the placement lines in place.

Once you finish the block stitching (both methods) fill a sink with some warm water (it’s important it be warm) and lay your block in it for about 10 to 15 minutes. It will dissolve the stabilizer into nothingness, leave no stiffness and will feel as soft as you like it to be.

Hang the block out to dry on a clothesline or lay it on a towel and let it dry, then iron the backside. If you iron the frontside, use a press cloth so that you don’t hurt your embroidery stitches.

This is how my block turned out prior to washing with the stabilizer still on.


Download Has Expired

Preview for September


I can’t tell you when it will be online, while the shapes and embroidery are done, I still need to stitch it together on the background at this point. The documentation is also not written as far as I normally am by this point either. I’ll shoot for early next week at this point, but I’m not saying it will be next week either, although I am trying hard to get caught up.

Cya Soon!!


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  1. Thank you so much, Marian. She is just as sweet as the rest. They all are so beautiful.
    I want you to know that I am making these, but my camera is broken and I don’t have another one to take pictures. Anyway, I don’t know enough about a computer to post it any way. (I am just an old lady. My grandson says I just stumble across stuff and most of the time can’t find my way back which is just about true. ) Maybe sometime I can get him to do it for me. Thanks again.

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