Little Treasures Bonus – 1 Week Download Only

Little Treasures Bonus BoyThis cute little boy is the first boy in the series, since there aren’t many boys, we won’t see another for awhile.

This boy stitches/sews together very easily, there are not alot of parts, but, there are a few details in the machine embroidery that need to be addressed, so they are shown below.

This download is only available for 1 week only. Download will expire April 18, 2014. After that it will be available on Craftsy.

The EQ Block is available for sale here.

Now Available on Craftsy


The artwork for the Little Treasures BOM is from Graphics and Graphics

All of my patterns are created in Electric Quilt Software

and digitized in Bernina Embroidery Plus Software

When you get to Design 2 of the machine embroidery stitching, your going to see an overlap on the shoes part of the stitchout. It is ok, when the 2nd shoe stitches out, it will not be touching the first shoe, so it is ok to not worry. The stitchout is shown in images below.






Here I have stitched out shoe 1


Stitchout for shoe 2


As you can see here, it doesn’t merge into shoe 1, they are separate, even tho the placement stitchout (first image shown) shows them as over each other.


Adding the dimensional fabrics for the 2 dimensional parts here, the collar and the pacifier nipples.


The hair on the boy needed to be split, even in my 6×10 hoop it would not totally fit, so I split it at the best part available. You will cut your hair template shape as normal, no need to split it. It’s only in the stitchout that you will do this differently.

Stitch the larger section first as you normally would, then carefully lift it off the stabilizer.


Place it on the 2nd part of the stitchout and allow it to finish stitching.


When removing parts from stabilizer, sometimes the bobbin threads intertwine with the bobbin thread that is currently stitching out. Remove any lose parts that show up, don’t try to pull any that are in there, it will only loosen your newly stitched out part.



How it will look when snipping is done.


Then when it’s pressed.

and the finished example


I would love to see your stitchout.

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