Little Treasures December 2014 Released

LT12It hasn’t been easy to post this one… The last one in my 2014 Block of the Month series.

While I may post bonus blocks from time to time, this is the official last one in the series.

No tutorials with this one, although it is probably one of the more difficult blocks to put together, I’ve already covered everything in previous blocks, so if their is something you need to learn you’ll find that info in my Tutorials section.

Little Treasures Dec 2014

The above is my stitch out.

I’m tickled pink at how she turned out. I honestly think it’s my best applique work for the entire year.

I did my hands in machine applique, while I’m not overly fond of machine applique, I can appreciate it making my circles easier to accomplish, so yep, to those who think it’s cheating.. I cheated. 🙂 However, this isn’t a single block I didn’t use machine embroidery on, so it’s not really cheating, it’s incorporating new techniques into our ever changing world of quilting.

I am planning a mini BOM coming in summer to fall of this year, but this time I’m going to have all the blocks done first. Guess what I’m doing this summer.. eh 🙂

I’d like to thank all of you who have sent me words of encouragement, and helped me along the way to finish this BOM, while I know it’s very very late in finishing, at least it’s finished and I can now move on. I learned a lot about posting a block of the month and I will put those lessons to good use for the next one.

Artwork for Little Treasures is from Graphics and Graphics.

The block was created in Electric Quilt
and partially digitized in Bernina Designer Plus Software.

Here’s the download.

This download will expire May 14, 2015

Be Well Everyone and Enjoy the last of Little Treasures 2014


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7 Responses to Little Treasures December 2014 Released

  1. AvatarElizabeth says:

    Thank you soo much for sharing this delightful BOM. It does not matter that is was late, it was worth the wait!!!. I look forward to your new BOM.

  2. AvatarMarge says:

    Thank You for the wonderful finish to the BOM. I am hoping to work on this in the fall as I am retiring this year and hope to have more time for my quilting.

    • AvatarMarian says:

      Happy Retirement when it comes. It’s my understanding that it takes some time to wind down after retirement, so take your time, enjoy the time off when it comes, then quilt your heart out. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. AvatarJoyce Carter says:

    Thank you so much Marian. I really appreciate all the time and effort you have put into these beautiful patterns. I hope to get a lot more finished with the weather warming up.
    BTW:) Did you get your quilt back that was stolen?

    • AvatarMarian says:

      hi ya Joyce, yvw, and nope, no word yet on the part that was stolen, but I did order new fabric so I could redo it. It got here yesterday. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. AvatarCarol says:

    Wonderful!! The appreciation and acknowledgements are thinly sown with BOM’s, but I am glad you finished it! Thank you for staying the course! And thank you for all the lovely, cute blocks!

    • AvatarMarian says:

      I’d love to see any that you do, but yes, I admit it’s somewhat of a relief to have it be done with, and at the same time it’s sad, because it is the one thing that kept me posting on my blog. So now I need another. ๐Ÿ™‚

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