Little Treasures May Bonus 2014 – Free For One Week Only

2014-05 LT BonusSo it’s time for our second bonus block. A free download for one week only. This fun block is a 15-Inch block. The artwork is from Graphics and Graphics. This block design was created in Electric Quilt v7, Bernina Designer Plus Software, Make The Cut Software along with Brother Canvas. This block incorporates my newest technique which can be found here and here. This lesson is in three parts, it is also encompassed in the May Block and the June Block. Besides creating this block with the embroidery stitched on the background block, I have shown below how I did the bow. With the exception of the middle of the bow, it is done entirely with dimensional techniques as is the pocket and bow on the dress. You can also see this technique in further detail here.


One of the embroidery designs in this zip includes a design with all of the dimensional stitchouts in this block.


In the pdf, I’ve added a new section that explains in more detail about the machine embroidery designs. This block gives information on two techniques for doing this bow.

Because I used my Scan N Cut Cutter for cutting this block in it’s entirety this month, I had also forgotten to remove the dimensional shapes I was doing so they ended up being cut. It made me realize that if you to make that mistake, you could stitch them out instead of using the big piece of fabric like I’ve shown above.


By laying the shapes on to the design, it will stitch them out and they are already cut for you. Just be sure to stop at each color stop so you can lay the pieces down. Don’t try to do as the picture shows as I’m sure the fabric will probably want to move or bounce around.


I chose to do the method I always do and laid one piece of fabric down. I will explain why I chose to go this route.

Because I used a cutter to cut all my fabric, the one thing I’ve found that is not so great is trying to do dimensional techniques. When you have all that starch or fabric stiffener on the fabric still, and then stitch it out right sides together to be turned inside out, it’s just so so so so stiff, that it is far more difficult than my old hands could handle doing. I am not even sure young hands would be able to turn some of the pieces since some of them are very small pieces.

By using the larger one piece of fabric, I cut one that had no starch involved and it worked like it should for me. I turned the pieces easily so I would recommend this method. It is possible to cut with the cutters without all the starch, and I’ll cover that when I add the tutorials for cutting fabric.


Be sure that cut the jumps before you remove the fabric from the stabilizer.


Cut the pieces apart, iron, make the slashes on the curves and cut your corners and your ready to turn them inside out.


Shown here with the cuts on the curves


Once finished with turning everything inside out, I tacked with my machine the ribbons into the middle where the bow will go, then added the circle. I stitched part of the circle in place, then lightly stuffed the circle which gives it a nice effect.


Doesn’t that look nice.


As you can see, by making it dimensional it doesn’t hang out so much that it will look floppy down the road, I love how this bow turned out.


and my finished block. The placement stabilizer has not been removed yet.

Download Has Expired

The EQ Block is available for sale here.


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