Little Treasures November 2014

LT11-2014wbWell she’s finally online and ready for you to download…

Little Treasures November 2014 was created by Marian Pena and the artwork was purchased at Graphics and Graphics.

She was drawn in Electric Quilt and the embroidery created in Bernina Designer Edition.

This is like all the others a 15-Inch block.

Their is a new .. well amended technique with this block. If you’ve tried the machine embroidery techniques in this block, you will be happy with this change as it’s now much easier to place your backgrounds onto the hoop. I’ve created a page here for you to read about this technique.

This is a very easy block to create and goes very quickly. The following are some images created during the stitch out.


With this block I also added the lacy technique to the bottom of the dress, I machine embroidered the hair curls and the collar via my background technique.

DSCN2017I hope this gives you a better look at the hair and collar.

DSCN2021This is a stitched out sample of the block.

I did run into some issues with my turn unders for my applique.

I believe what’s happened is due to using Terial Magic for cutting the shapes.

While I have switched to using water as my base for the turn under and then ironing, it’s still so very stiff that it does make turning difficult. Sometimes you get enough water on your edge, and other times not enough. My shoes on both of my dolls look square in various parts. I know I am not the best at applique shapes, but I know I can do better than what’s portrayed in the images. So I’ll be working on those techniques over the next few months to hopefully find a way around the stiff side of Terial Magic. It may just be that while the starching method such as using Best Press is time consuming, the long run is that it is still easier to turn those edges under.

The difference with this doll is that I’ve been reading up on Beth Ferrier’s applique methods. She uses a very tiny blind stitch and this doll is the first try at lowering my zig zag width all the way down to 1.0 and my stitch length to 1.5 on my machine. It is very tiny, but I love the result much better and at the same time it seems to strengthen the use of the invisible thread also with the stitch length being so much smaller it makes it far more difficult to have the invisible thread come out at the start and end of the shape areas.

Download Expired

December’s Preview




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  1. AvatarNewsurfiegirl says:

    Ohh she is gorgeous! You are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing

  2. AvatarJoyce Carter says:

    Thank you for this one also. They are both as cute as can be.

  3. AvatarSandra Visser says:

    Thank you very much for your generosity They are just adorable.

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