Little Treasures September 2014 is Finally Here!!

LT09-1Heya Everyone, How are you doing this month. I had planned to get this up last week for you, but my plans were delayed when I just forgot.. literally, I changed my host, and went to work on the Twas The Night Blog Hop things I needed to finish up so I could ship them out. So with that done and on the way, I was putting everything away when I saw the September block and went.. oh shoot!!! So here it is, and I hope you will enjoy it.

This is a 15-Inch block, created in EQ, and Bernina Designer Plus software. The artwork is from Graphics and Graphics.

I’d also like to share with you Joyce’s finished block. She sent this to me in email a few weeks ago and it tickled me pink to see one of the Little Treasures blocks done by someone else. So please let Joyce know what you think to in the comments below.

This is Joyce’s Little Treasures block for January 2014.


Joyce did her block entirely by hand. She added ribbon on the hat, and used a bead on the ear to create earrings.


Here is a closeup of her face.


Another viewDSCN0429

and a full view

Thank you so much Joyce for renewing my hope that someone would do a block I created. I really think she’s beautiful. I wish I could do handwork.

And now, onto September 2014

While this block may look easy this month it’s not that it’s difficult, but I have made notes in the pdf where I ran into some issues. For some reason, EQ changed the order of the stitchout in some spots that I felt needed to be different, so I’ve noted these spots on the pdf file in the stitch out order section.

With the Bear on this block, I have also noted the issue of doing the embroidery (for those who would do it by machien) as you add each bear part with the shadowing areas only.

The reason for this is what I call my Bear BooBoo


What happened here was I appliqued the full bear into place  without realizing that my shading wouldn’t quite line up properly. I’ve pointed out in the arrows where it didn’t line up properly and these were all “end” parts of the stitching. If I’d separated the sections and done them separate, I could have lined them up on the placement lines in a much better manner.

If I had done the body, then the shading by machine, then the ear and then the shading by machine, and last the face with the shading on the ear last, I would have been able to line them up much better. I have noted this on the pdf in the stitch out order, and on the pdf file for the bear shading design file.

The stitchout order has you starting out with the ends of the ponytails first.

This is one of the few times, where I didn’t use the normal stitchout order fully.

I went ahead and did the entire set of ponytails even tho the order is not laid out that way by EQ.

DSCN1484I also added the small ponytail on her left side. I didn’t do the right one, because it lays over the shirt on the dress, so it needs to be done after you add the shirt sleeve.

I did manage to get a bear picture in.. this was the start of my booboo..


As you can see, I placed the entire bear into place first, then started adding the shading.


On the dress, I changed the placket to an outline stitch around the the buttons instead. I like it much better.

As you can also see in this picture I was at the point where I was adding the hair curl on the right above the shirt sleeve.

I also changed the pattern for myself where it wants you to place the neck prior to doing the collar, and this was done only because I didn’t realize when I was turning my 1/4 under with the starch that I was suppose to turn the entire collar under. I actually prefer it with the neck on the top, so this is an option you can choose to do as well if you wish. You can’t see this so much on the image with the page, but if you click on the image it should give you a large enough picture to see what I mean.

I keep wanting to change the dress bottom to some lace, but I keep forgetting, and at the same time, I am not sure I have enough lace either as I just have bits of lace and not alot of it here in Italy.


I’m now ready to add the face.

The eyes on this doll are a bit different than we are use to doing. Each side has a white and color side and the parts are very small. I still recommend doing embroidery for the eyes.


I’m now ready to add the hair and I wanted to share a little tip with you that I do when I’m working with a bit of fabric.

Because I work in a small sewing area, I tend to roll my blocks up and then pin them in place while I stitch the hair and face on.


Originally I had the background placement embroideries to stitch out with the bear, and the bows on the pony tail all in one hoop, but after doing the bear, I chose to separate the bows to 4×4 hoops.


Here I am preparing to line up my placement for the bear.


I matched the shoes to the placement on the hoop, this was not a good idea, the first stitchout in the design has been changed to the body shading, so I’d recommend you match up the body first.

You don’t need to rehoop, jus tleft the body up off the stabilizer, and then line up your ear and stitch that shadow on. Once that’s done, add the face, then stitch the shading onto the face.

You could still even applique the entire bear, but separate the parts after each shading stitchout, left them off the stabilizer, line up the next section, stitch, then do it again. It seems like alot of work, but if I’d realized I would have gone that route myself and I would have pictures of doing it that way.


This image just shows how it lines up with the bottom of the shoe. The idea is to show you how to do the placements when doing this type of embroidery.


You can see here,  I’ve added both ears shading parts, I didn’t do the smallest ear because I knew my machine embroidery would cover it the way I wanted, and felt that it was just more bulk than I wanted.


This is a really good image of the booboos, but at the same time, I love how it shaded, and blends in so much nicer than if I’d just left it with fabric on it.


This stitchout shows her laid out with the stabilizer still on it.


Now standing up with the stabilizer still in place.

What I wanted to show here is the bows. I did them entirely with embroidery this time instead of fabric. I think they look pretty nice.


and here she is all with the stablizer washed out and a slight iron.

Download Has Expired

For those who may be interested, earlier in the month I added some new tutorials for how to create cutting files for your template shapes from the pdf file. I’ve added a special section just for Cutting. I will soon add one on how I prepare my fabrics and get them cut.

Here is a preview for October’s block.


Have a great month


7 thoughts on “Little Treasures September 2014 is Finally Here!!

  1. Thank you again Marian for the beautiful little girl pattern. And thank you for sharing my pictures. I will try to send you some more soon.

    1. Hi Joyce, I got the new ones you sent in email, and plan to add them in a day or so. I absolutely LOVE what you did with the lace addition and such. I can’t wait to show them off. 🙂

  2. I love Joyce’s block too. The bead is a very clever touch! Thanks for sharing. I think I am going to be starting another project when I really already have enough projects to work on but I don’t know how much longer I can hold out for without starting.

  3. Ohh thank you so much! She was definitely worth the wait. She reminds me of Pippi Longstocking for some reason, maybe it’s the hair. Sooo cute I wish I had time to start on her right now.

    Thanks again for sharing this wonderful BOM

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