Little Treasures – Slight Delay For April..

2014-LT04-small It’s just a slight delay, I will post it sometime tomorrow April 2, by the latest on the 3rd. I am having pc issues unfortunately and am needing to get into the tower to see if I’ve lost a hard drive.

In the meantime, the documentation is nearly done, but the documentation is in that drive. If I have to rewrite the documentation it will be done sometime tomorrow.

I am combining March’s bonus with Aprils block, so you will be getting 2 blocks for the month of April, however the bonus block is still a limited download period. I will post when it’s up.

Update, these blocks will be posted Thursday April 10, 2014.



1 thought on “Little Treasures – Slight Delay For April..

  1. I hope that everything is going well. I thank you for the little treasures and am looking forward to more of them but can understand delays and just do what needs to be done and don’t worry about us. Take what time you need for yourself and I hope that your tech. issues can be fixed soon,

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