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Love-and-Kisses-Blog-Tour-300x300-1Well, I totally messed up this morning, my apologies Sherry, I thought I set the schedule to midnight, but it turns out it must be for noon thus my post has been published manually this morning. I always get them mixed up so I need to check, but I’m sitting here in physical therapy waiting for my appointment to start and decided to have a look, thus I noticed it wasn’t online.

My project started out well, I designed a cute little pieced heart that I thought would be fun to do in the various fabrics of this absolutely gorgeous Island Batik line. I surrounded it with strips in a log cabin design. I love how it turned out. I had it quilted and it just needed the binding but alas that wasn’t going to happen, I went to bind it and there were holes everywhere in the wallhanging. We have a mouse in our house. Frank and I spent the last few days spreading mouse poison around in areas where our sweet Boo won’t be able to get to it, and I put all my fabrics away in bins so the mouse wouldn’t be able to get to them. Now, hopefully, the poison will work and that mean old mouse will be gone. I do not get the attraction, why do they love cotton so much. I found another quilt while putting the poison in areas that the mouse has also damaged, I made it back in the 90s, but it is such a beautiful quilt I rarely used it. Frank brought home big bins last night so we could store the finished quilts in those.

So, I got busy at my machine and pulled out the scraps I had left and made another heart. There was no time to put the log cabin strips around it and I’m lucky that I can use my Pfaff to piece this because I don’t have to have a foot pedal to sew on it, so it wasn’t really harmful to my back although I can feel the discomfort now that I’m done sewing. I was so intent tho on having something to show I didn’t want to disappoint Sherry. Below is the wonderful selection of fabrics in this collection.

Love- -Kisses

This is my project…


When I did this originally, the heart was a 20-inch block in the middle, and then built with the log cabin strips in the pink on one side and black on the other side. I hope to get some more of the pink fabric and if I can then I will redo this again when the doctor says I’m good to go with sewing.

I’d been practicing FMQ most of the year before my accident in September and it was quilted with scallops and hearts in the corners. I was so excited to be able to show you this project and now just totally disheartened that this was all I could show you, but I do believe you can see the fabrics really nicely in this project above.

Thank you Sherry for letting me participate in this bloghop and for the wonderful fabric. I am going to buy a lot of this line, I absolutely love the fabrics in it.

Participants In This fun bloghop

December 2 – Jen Strauser of Dizzy Quilter
December 3 – Laura Piland of Slice of Pi Quilts
December 4 – Jessica Caldwell of Desert Bloom Quilting
December 5 – Trisch Price & Jenifer Dick of Everyday Stitches
December 6 – Leanne Parsons of Devoted Quilter
December 7 – Andi Stanfield of True Blue Quilts
December 8 – Becca Fenstermaker of Pretty Piney Quilts
December 9 – Suzy Webster of Websterquilt
December 10 – Sally Williams of Paleofish designs
December 11 – Joanne Kerton of Canuck Quilter
December 12 – Andrea Arledge of Little Life of Mine
December 13 – Sarah Vanderburgh of Sew Joy Creations
December 14 – Kate Starcher of Katie Mae Quilts
December 15 – Linda Bratten of Linda B Creative
December 16 – Anja Clyke of Anja Quilts
December 17 – Marian Pena of Seams To Be Sew
December 18 – Sherry Shish of Powered By Quilting

For those of you waiting on 12 Days to finish, now you know why I didn’t post earlier this week. I’ll have all patterns on the site tomorrow.

My Friends Who Are Doing Other Events During December

Are you doing an event in 2021? Please let me know, I really want to let my friends who visit me here at Seams To Be Sew become your friend too.

Cya Tomorrow,

Marry Christmas From Seams To Be Sew

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9 thoughts on “Love & Kisses Blog Tour … My Day…

  1. Mice, egads, I’d be freaking! Can’t stand the dang rodents. Here’s hoping you catch the intruder! And I love the batiks collection, gorgeous!, and your heart…thank you for sharing! It is amazing to me with all that is going on, you still keep blogging…you take care there! Health first…though we no doubt would miss you like crazy, some time off to heal properly is a good thing…

  2. So sorry for the troubles. Now the damage mice do to precious items as they ate away at a vintage quilt my mom had. Hope the physical therapy is helping. Recovery can take so long and it is hard to patient. Your heart is lovely and I can visualize it as the center block of a log cabin square.

  3. no worries – thought maybe you were ill – stay safe and healthy and thanks! for all the great patterns – you are very talented

  4. I love your block, especially the background pink fabric with hearts.
    I am making bench pillows for Christmas and I think that would be perfect larger sized for the middle block.
    And I hate mice as much as you do. I borrowed my son’s cat to root them out. The poison worked, I think, but the little containers have too small an opening for some country mice. I live next to a farm and seem to have more than usual this year. If there is a mouse in the house, Morty will get it.
    I hope PT is going ok. It is a slow recovery process.

  5. I do hope your PT turns out good. Good to hear you are continuing with it.
    Your block is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.
    We had a cat for 13 years. And every time a mouse got in the house, he would play with it until it died. Then he would stay by it until one of us picked it up. We now have tow kittens, a little over a year old. One is totally uninterested in mice. The other just watches them. She stalks them. I am hoping she will grow into catching them.
    Merry Christmas

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